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If the customer makes a wrong booking - how do you deal with that?

And again a client has placed a wrong order…

I am a Voice Over Artist (Pro Verified) and offer my services in German. For us voice over artists, the price is not only made up of the pure service (the recording of the voice over), but the rights usually have to be booked as well. Commercial Rights or Full Broadcast Rights. It is rather an exception that these rights are not necessary.

However, many clients simply book the pure service without adding the rights. Maybe because they overlook it or do it on purpose, which, by the way, has also happened to me. There are clients who try to push the price down in this way because they know it will have a negative impact on the seller’s statistics. “Either you do it at that price or you have to cancel and we’ll give you a bad rating”. I’ve seen all that happen here.

In any case, the problem usually ends up with me or the client having to cancel the order, which affects my stats. It can’t go on like this!

This is now the umpteenth time I’ve had to cancel an order because the customer made a mistake. And each time, the number of cancelled orders increases, even though it’s not my fault. But the other clients see my negative statistics and then stop booking. It’s a vicious circle.

How do you deal with this? Or is the problem only with voice over artists?

By the way, the Fiverr support is no real help. There are only evasive answers. That’s where my second question comes in: What do you think of Fiverr support?

And the third question: Any Germans here who are already experienced with Fiverr? I would like to exchange with you.

Best regards,


I’ve completely avoided the whole commercial rights and full broadcasting rights ordeal with orders by simply including them in all purchases and list them on my gig solely for the Fiverr search engine. Keep in mind, I’m just a lowly VO and video actor who’s only been paid for acting for a little over a year now, so I’m nowhere close to your league.

As a Pro Verified seller likely with a reputation and higher standards to uphold, that is probably not an option or even something you’d want to consider. Perhaps included rights in your base gig but increasing the purchase price to compensate is an option? But that brings up the issue of not every buyer requiring rights…

I’ve only had limited dealings with Fiverr Customer Support, but they’ve all been quite good. I can’t jump into the “Fiverr CS is useless for sellers” bandwagon.

Hey Alex,

I think its something faced regardless of gig category! Totally frustrating to cancel and it does affect stats. But so far from what I know you can talk to CS so that it doesn’t affect your stats, or if you have what do they call it something like a success manager they assist you in those kind of matters easily. Although I can imagine it could be tedious to discuss it every time that kind of problem arises.

To be clear I have not tried contacting CS or a success manager (I didn’t apply to join that program) regarding this. Cancellations have affected me so and so in the past, my level fluctuates from level 2 to no level solely because of cancellations. I have reached the point that it doesn’t bother me anymore as it generally doesn’t affect sales from my experience. I still generally get several orders regardless of my level but thats because I’ve built a good relationship with past clients and new clients still pop up amazingly. But I do wish something can be done about this to improve the seller experience. Especially for sellers who are starting out where stats are really important! :sweat_smile:

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But that brings up the issue of not every buyer requiring rights…
That is exactly how it is. That’s why I can’t do it like that.

I can’t jump into the “Fiverr CS is useless for sellers” bandwagon.
That’s not what I said either. I just notice that the answers are often unsatisfactory.

Although I can imagine it could be tedious to discuss it every time that kind of problem arises.
That’s it. I have spoken to the CS several times about such problems. But it is very tiring… :wink:

Success Manager. I had it at the very beginning when I became Pro Verified. A few weeks, then he was no longer responsible.

Thank you both for your answers.

They can only see the reviews you’ve got, they can’t see your cancellations.


You are welcome! I have a good friend who is pro verified as well and his Success Manager is pretty great. It used to be free for him and I think he is paying a monthly fee now. Any problems he faces his success manager quickly assists him when needed. I was quite amazed when he shared that to me the first time, he suggested I get one as I was eligible to but as I don’t do Fiverr fulltime I told him it wouldn’t benefit me as much. I do think its helpful though – if you get assigned a good one I guess. :thinking:

I hope things improve regarding our concerns! I really wish there was a workaround to these stats like for example, mutually cancelled orders shouldn’t be counted against stats automatically.

CS is also a wheel of fortune - there are those with cookie cutter responses and those that still use the cookie cutter response (as I guess that is the protocol) but goes out of the way to assist. (In so far my experience, for other kinds of concerns)

In the meantime I have also found out how to quote :slight_smile: Thanks for the info, I didn’t know that. But it definitely has an effect on my seller level. That’s annoying enough when you can’t do anything about it.

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I didn’t know about the Success Manager. That you can pay to get one. I’ll ask the CS about that. Thank you very much.

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