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If the seller says 100% satisfaction guarentee, how does that work?

I am wondering how the 100% satisfaction guarantee works if they deliver and then they never respond to messages for revision, the order sits in progress forever, and if your not satisfied and they don’t want to cancel the order, what happens?

You contact Customer Support and ask them for help.

Personally, I don’t put much stock in guarantees like that. Most times a buyer is not 100% satisfied, I know I am not when I buy, most of the time I am over 90% satisfied. Does that mean I should get a refund?
In that case why does anyone pay for anything?

If the work is not done correctly according to their description, either agree a refund with the seller, leave an honest review or go to Customer Support. If you are not happy with the work but it matches the description then you are not entitled to a refund.

I offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on my work, and no kidding, I’ll refund an order if the client isn’t completely satisfied with the service. I know that a lot of sellers are scared to make such an offer for fear that buyers will take advantage of them, but in my experience such buyers are an extreme minority. I’ve done over 1,000 orders, and my cancellations are at 1% right now. And of those cancellations, I think less than half are buyers who just wanted to get something for free. From a buyer’s perspective, you can hold a seller to his or her word. If they offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee and then clearly aren’t making an effort to work it out with you, open a ticket with customer support and show the steps you took to communicate with the seller, as well as the seller’s satisfaction guarantee. You’ll get your order refunded.

If you are not satisfied with work and seller not responding, you can request cancel the order if he will not respond the request your order with him/her will cancel auto after 2 days. That’s it.

I think it works differently for different types of gigs. For personal services like yours I imagine it would work well. I can’t imagine there are too many people who would try to “scam” a free tarot reading.
For business services it is a little different I think, there are many whose whole business depends on dishonesty.

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