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If there is a specific days to fiverr buyer to give their rating?


I have a confusion in mind. If there are specific days given to give rating?

If anyone know about it ?

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No, there are no specific days.

I think it can be a major vulnerability for any employee. Because back to back work sometimes doesn’t work for any client then he can put any negative comment though he has previous good experience with you ?

So we have to request this new feature to fiverr ? What do you think ?

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There are no specific days, but buyers are allowed to not rate an order and just forget about it.

There is, however, a 30-day window in which buyers are allowed to rate an order, and after those 30 days the buyer cannot rate the order anymore :wink:

In my opinion, 30 days is still a bit too much as buyers/people forget a lot of things in that time!

I’ve had buyers who came back 3 weeks later giving a negative rating, to later find out it was rated by mistake thinking they rated another gig they bought from someone else, thus mixing gigs and ratings and me getting the blame for some other seller’s work @gig_freak be prepared, this actually happens, and it’s ugly! (why I tagged you? because some reasons :smiley: )


Ha Ha Ha … Good logic , but other freelancing website follow 14 days rule , why not we ?

Believe it or not, but they actually reduced it to 30 days. Before that, a buyer could come months or years later, and leave a review.


Nice to hear. If at least keep this option that is great :slight_smile:

I completely forgot about those dark times :smiley: Who would even want to remember? :smiley:


Ha Ha Ha :slight_smile: Jolly comment

@Woofy3, the gig_freak as prepared as it actually happens and in a matter of fact, it happened yesterday. Buyer, of mine, left one star in the field “Service as described” but luckily we sorted it out as the buyer was really happy and he needed a slight change which he didn’t request. :slight_smile:

In the past, it happened to me to get a one star on an accident.

BTW: I’ve had buyers coming back after 2 months and requesting a change in my inbox and they go mad when I told them that they should purchase a $5 gig for the change. Other than that, I get buyers that think revisions is the same as version and they request me to send them another version of the design for free. :frowning:

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It’s about 14 days. Those 14 days it takes for the funds to clear, Fiverr is interested in what the buyer thinks of your delivery. After which, the money is released to you and the order is *completely closed.


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