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If there's one thing I've learned about communicating on Fiverr it's this


I send a lot of emails at my “day job” and learned one thing that makes more difference than you an imagine, and it applies to Fiverr as well!

It’s simple. Use smiley face emoticons :slight_smile:

ESPECIALLY when you’re dealing with an issue. In the online world, people can often “read into” what you write and imagine that your attitude is negative or condescending. It’s amazing what inserting :slight_smile: into what you write will do for you.

Suddenly you’re the overly friendly (and maybe a little goofy) seller, not the a**hole seller.

Works wonder for me on Fiverr and my regular job. Some people might not think it’s professional, but it makes people know you’re there to help and you’re not overly annoyed with them (even if you are!)

My two cents :slight_smile:


I agree

:)) 8-} and who are you calling Goofy :slight_smile:


Awesome post!!


Yes yes! Thanks for the post :slight_smile:


I think it depends on what you’re offering. The really creative and wacky stuff calls for emoticon excess! There are other gigs where some people might see it as unprofessional. The #1 tip I would suggest though is to mirror the way your buyers communicate with you. If they use textspeak, abbreviations etc., and emoticons, there’s clearly no harm in doing the same! :)>-


I have several buyers that call me “dude” and “bro”, but I don’t mirror that. I didn’t even use that back in my 60s hippie days!


I agree to this 100% ive already been doing this but its good for people who havent to start :slight_smile:


Reply to @voiceoverwork: Yeah, I think that would be taking it too far! You want to be yourself, of course!


The emotionicons button stopped working for me about 3 weeks ago here on the forums

tn5rr2012 said: he emotionicons button stopped working for me about 3 weeks ago here on the forums

Is that because of the vision challenges you have?


I agree, completely. I lead communities online, and people who done use smilies are always always perceived as being angry or not happy.

smilies help discern between sarcasm and not as well, lol


What is your community about?


Well, I’ve led several. My current one is my guilds for the mmo I play, Trickster Online.

We’ve been the #1 top ranked guilds since 2008. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Over 200 active members at any time, and hundreds of thousands of members over the years.

It’s my “Im glad i dont suck at life” baby activity, LOL


Cool :slight_smile: I’d ask what games you run… but this is getting a bit off topic, lol


I agree. Since we don’t meet face to face with our buyers, smileys are the next best thing to non-verbal cues. :slight_smile:


@benmbrodie I definitely see how you could see that as unprofessional, and was against it before, but even at my job which is of course professional, I found it makes a huge difference. I’m not saying every email should have a smiley face, just when you’re trying to get something across but don’t want your attitude to come across the wrong way, it goes a long way!


I once mentioned that same thing in a comment. Great post! I always use smiley faces in my messages. :slight_smile: