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If this buyer's request don't make you angry, nothing will


As if you can get a “professional” logo for $5.

This is why I stay clear of BRs.

Cheap Buyers + Desperate Sellers = Poor Quality Work


How about this one: Two projects, more than 100 pages… who are crazy to take this crazy project…


Wow, auditioning for a buyer request like it’s a talent show and being paid peanuts to jump through hoops. They are definitely looking for a barking seal for their dog and pony show.


haha the hosting package needed for that is not even worth covering under the $50. ahahha

ahahhaha always a fan of your comments and insights! :joy:

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Wow, that buyer literally abuse the whole system
Poor seller

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It sounds so stupid… Buyer is hiring people doing this for 5€, then say that he has hired many sellers and is gonna give a tip or not if satisfied… Typical buyer I will never deal with.

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“Buyer” is getting hundreds of free (admittedly terrible) logos for peanuts that they will then sell for more. Fair enough if they were honest, they but they are not. Fiverr should have been all over this as FREE WORK a TOS violation.

Making eBay for $50! Yeah that’s a plan.



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