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If this possible the Accept the Canceled order by buyer

Hello Everyone!

If this possible the canceled order buyer can accept order again?

Please tell me


If you accept the dispute requested by buyer then your order completion rate will go down by 12% and if you sent a cancellation dispute request to a buyer then it will become low only by 5%.
So , if you don’t want to let down your order completion rate then you should sent a dispute cancellation request from your side which will decrease you completion rate only 5%(if you want to cancel the order).
Its my experinece bro.

i just want to know if after buyer say that its okay and after cancellation buyer to to accept the order so its possible to accept the order?

Please don’t spread misinformation. THAT’S NOT TRUE.

No matter who cancelled the order it will affect statistics the same. And it’s not 12 or 5%, the percentage will be calculated based on the amount of orders you had in last 60 days.


How do you imagine him accepting an order if it’s already cancelled? Cancelled is cancelled.

All you can do is to ask him to place a new order and complete that order.