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If Today was the First Time You Posted on This Forum - You will Likely FAIL on Fiverr

This post might offend and upset some people. The truth is, I don’t care.

To cut straight to the point, you are going to fail on Fiverr (and as freelancer overall) if you ever need to ask or think about asking any of the below questions:

  • Can I have more than one Fiverr account?
  • I’m a new seller, what should I sell?
  • How do I market my gig?
  • How can I get sales?
  • Do I need to buy a license to sell (enter service details here)?
  • How do I do (enter service details here)?
  • Can I ask buyers for reviews?
  • Does anyone want to swap reviews or likes?
  • How do I create a gig?
  • How do I use Fiverr?

If you need to post any of the above questions, you have likely not read Fiverr TOS, you likely do not have a skill worth selling, and you likely do not have the basic ingenuity you will need on a daily basis to achieve any level of success.

I’m sorry if that upsets you, but it’s true.

There are a lot of legitimate questions which can be asked on the forum. However, if you have arrived here after missing all the Fiverr video and help guides explaining how to create a gig, and Fiverr’s TOS, there is little hope for your future success here.

As a basic rule, you should only think about opening a Fiverr account if and when you have a credible skill or legitimate product or service to offer already. How you market that service will depend on your service niche and how much work and research you are prepared to put into seeing results.

Like it or not, this is just how it is.


I have been mentally composing a post like this all day … trying to make it polite! Lol!


Don’t be sorry, you’re doing them and all of us a favor with this post.


This forum is a treasure chest of information. With a little digging you can find every gem you need to succeed but instead they want you to polish off the silverware and spoon feed them everything.

(treasure chest, digging, gem, polish, silver)…That’s a bar! :grin:


Excellent post. Well said! I mean, I am sure no one is surprised by my reaction. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

One particular question (that seems to be particularly popular on the forum right now) that I think could be added to the list of questions mentioned in the original post is:

What is Fiverr ToS?

and other variations of that question, such as:

Where can I find Fiverr’s ToS?


I find it particularly :unamused: that a lot of “FAQ questions” asked on the forum are already explained in great detail in the seller/buyer help center which can be found at the bottom of most Fiverr pages (or even in old forum posts), along with the ToS.

If Fiverr users find it difficult to even locate the seller help center or if they don’t even bother researching all the new-seller articles in the seller help center, how are they going to succeed on Fiverr? :worried:


What about the old classic “How do I get my first sale?” or some variation of “I’ve been here six months and no one buys from me. Help me.”

The key phrase in the OP’s post is basic ingenuity. For too many new sellers that only extends to creating more than one account. I can guess there are lots of new unsuccessful sellers who have multiple accounts, none of which ever make sales.

If someone has to have some basic things in their profile corrected, some really dumb mistakes, that doesn’t bode well for success either. I refer to things like misspelling the university you supposedly went to.


This question is already mentioned in the original post, and I agree with everything you said in your post.

True. I was only pointing out (in my post) that in addition to having ingenuity/a credible skill, sellers also need to be willing to do the research and soak in all the knowledge from resources that are readily available to them on the Internet. :slight_smile:


I occasionally look at the gigs where someone is asking for help getting a first sale. There is often some glaring problems with the profile or gigs and I’m not sure that simply mentioning these problems will be enough. Generally it is about making logos also, but sometimes the gig is related to some form of website improvements.
Often there can be language or grammar issues too. I would like to see everyone who posts a gig succeed. I feel helpless to help most of the time.

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There’s no shame in asking questions, even questions that have already been asked. Fiverr has made a lot of chances, the advice given 5-years ago might not be relevant today.


You are absolutely right. There is no shame in asking questions.

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Sure. There’s no “shame.”

However, I, for one, am not going to be answering the same “What is Fiverr ToS?” or “How do I get paid?” question that one forum user after another keeps asking every 5 minutes. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :crazy_face: :crazy_face:

The answers to these commonly asked questions can almost always be found either in the ToS or the seller help center (which are credible sources of information that reflect any changes in the terms/rules that Fiverr has made).

Either that or they have already been answered on the forum in the last 1 or 2 days (there’s only an extremely slim chance that information provided in the last 24-48 hours is outdated).


I never asked these questions when I started. It was all right there to read. I didn’t come to the forum for the first three years I was here. Maybe they think it will help them somehow to post something here.


I can’t agree 100% with TS, even though some of it is true. Some of Fiverr TOS is quite ambiguous when explaining what you can do and what you can’t do, so even people who read it may ask it again in the forum, and as I know it is ‘updated periodically’.

For example, can someone giving me a link on Fiverr ToS and at which paragraph, that mentions “as a seller you can’t ask the buyer for a good reviews?” I read many people in the forum mention that you shouldn’t do that as a seller. Whether I’m missing it or Fiverr ToS doesn’t mention it explicitly.


You just shared all our thoughts and frustrations :wink:

I’m always really surprised seeing people on the forum with something like: “I’m in financial trouble how can I sell, need urgent help” and they have only 1 min read time.
For me if you are really in trouble you’ll do everything and firstly you’ll go read fiverr help page, fiverr forum, google, whatever, just to try to get out of this situation and after that if you really have unanswered questions still you would come to the forum. Because it’s obviously faster and will give you more knowledge than sitting and wasting time waiting for someone to reply on your created topic.
And most of them come back only after a couple days with another question like “so how do I do marketing” or they don’t come back at all.

All this simple and obviois questions just showing how lazy they are and not willing to do even bare minimum FOR THEMSELVES, for the good of their business and For their income. So I’m convinced that us answering their questions still wouldn’t help them.


They do.
There is a line saying that any kind of review manipulation is forbidden. This includes asking for a review. Asking for a good review. Asking why you left me 4.2 star review etc.


Exactly. The way I see it, the majority of people who ask the questions outlined have a belief that Fiverr is some kind of magic money machine. Sign up, create a gig, and suddenly you will be rolling in $$$$. The simple fact is, it’s not.

All the outlined questions are the same as someone walking into McDonald’s for a job interview and saying "Urm… Burger?"

If anyone needs to have how to create a gig explained one-on-one, be advised what to sell, or has just had this genius idea they can double their money by creating two accounts (or more), they are simply lacking the basic skills necessary to get things going.

At present, it is a bit embarrassing even using the forum, when the majority of new threads are all composed of people blindly shouting HELP! No Sales! Between a smattering of Can I have two accounts and What is TOS, etc. It is also completely pointless responding, given that the same question or something like it will be asked 5-minutes later by another new user.


This is a valid question. The wording of TOS states that review manipulation is a no no. However, it is understandable that some people will not appreciate that asking a buyer why they left a negative review also constitutes a breach of TOS.

As it stands, simply never mention reviews in any way whatsoever with buyers and you will be fine.


100% agree…

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Yes, review manipulation is mentioned as “Purchases arranged, determined to artificially enhance Seller ratings, or to abuse the Fiverr platform with purchases from additional accounts”, but it doesn’t explicitly telling people that seller can’t ask for a review or a good review.

In contrast,, there’s mention that “If your buyer would like to leave update/remove their feedback, we recommend communicating with your buyer to have them reach out to our Support team.” Isn’t this action same as asking for a review even though in Tos “Leaving a Buyer’s feedback is a basic prerogative of a Buyer.” is mentioned? Yet, Fiverr support it.


Sorry I didn’t mean to do any debate whether seller can ask for a review to buyer or not. What I mean, not all people is smart enough to read carefully and try to understand ToS, thus why, new people on Fiverr keep asking same question again and again.

Yes it is obvious thing to do for some people, but not all people that smart. Some country just tasting technology recently, some country just start to understand what is law & rule like privacy policy, term of sevice, and intellectual property, some just start to get literate/just simply learn English recently. Thus why, people will asking same question again and again. Even in other community, people will do similar things.

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