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If Today was the First Time You Posted on This Forum - You will Likely FAIL on Fiverr

I stand corrected. Shocking people would use the forum to teach a class.


Apparently the class was about posting on the forum. Imagine a class in that.


Makes no sense to me, although I know that some people comment on blogs to improve their SEO. I wonder if the class grades are based on how many responses you get, how many likes, etc.

Some people play games online. They create fake dating ads just to collect pictures for example.

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If you people think that somehow, something could be ridiculous happening and still don’t understand why. You should go try go to other country that have different/even opposite culture to yours. It literally happening everywhere.

Even in my country, the way people speak (I don’t mean language but tone & pace) in one place it is hard/loud (seem like angry but they’re not) and it is normal, on other place it is very fast, and other place it is very slow, while in other place it very soft. It could make people misunderstand think someone angry/very weak/offensive, lazy to hear other, even laugh, just by the way people speak.

As I stated above, not all country is developed enough. Beside, there’s so many article when you google “how to make easy money online” that mention fiverr, and most/probably none of them mention “Carefully read Term of Service before join fiverr”. Since many country don’t aware that in every website has it’s own rule, people tend to ignore term of service think it’s hassle to read, and simply skip it and join whatever web take interest to them.

Beside, too many website advertise “how easy to use our service” and not “you should have some specific skill before joining us”. People do business by selling a dream/convenience, not education.

Beside Fiverr advertising itself with a word, Thousand of seller, thousand of buyer, thousand of successful freelancer, million of gigs sell, etc. <<< This one is literally selling a dream, make it sound easy to get money in fiverr.

Sure, and even if you don’t know how to behave according to international etiquette there should be basic norms like “don’t steal work from the internet” or “don’t teach people how to use fiverr or forum when you yourself didn’t have a single order”.

Right now you are implying that a lot of sellers has a “culture” of stealing, cheating, lying etc. Because it’s ok in their country (of course it’s not ok anywhere even in not developed countries), but it’s not punished and not enforced were they live so they are assuming they can pull out the same thing here and after that coming and complaining here “I didn’t do anything wrong, why my account got blocked?”

And with this we are coming to the main point of this topic: if people already has this mindset, not willing to change and just want fast money - they will fail as @cyaxrex stated in his very first post in this thread.

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I didn’t say it should be allowed, what I said is, they don’t adapt yet and you’ll find people like that any times and it won’t stop soon. So I think tolerate and educate them or just simply ignore them. Beside if they break a rule, fiverr will taking action to shut down their account.

I don’t think anyone need to adapt to the rule: “don’t steal” for example, everyone knows it, yet some decide to ignore it, some even steal my own work and not only. And that’s one of the many things that should come by default without a need to adjust, no matter where are you from. And I’m not going to tolerate or just ignore this behaviour.
There is no math to this rules, you don’t even need to read fiverr TOS if your English is not good enough, most of those rules are simple and black and white and known by everyone.

If police or citizens of a country will start tolerating poor behaviour, Robberies and murders then country will become a mess. Same here. We shouldn’t ignore it, we are trying to show them how to behave differently but the fact is that only 1 out 10 really listens to us.

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I totally agree, but I am kind of sad that this post will disappear from the forum timeline after few days. I wish it always stayed on new forum profiles (pinned).

That is my point, only few people will listen… So it’s useless to get annoyed, we are overpowered by number.

Did you know that in some country in Asia, getting picture from google search image and use it in their business is considered normal and not stealing, because people isn’t educated enough about what is copyright? This one is also problem in my country, and as graphic designer I know, only few website that has a bunch of pictures and has a ‘free for commercial’ licensee with or without attribution, but in my country, I could say probably +95% people didn’t know it. They think, copy paste a thing from internet is not considered as stealing other work, probably because it has no physical body, I don’t know…

If I get annoyed every times people do that, I’ll just wasting my time. What I do, is educate them when I can, the rest, I ignore them.

Yea, I wish this post is pinned too… This is very good thread, and the title is very good. XD

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You do not need to “message” a buyer thanking them for their review. You can thank them by replying to their review in your reviews section. In your notifications, it will tell you that so and so left a review, and while most times you cannot see what they wrote until you respond - you can still use that area to thank them for their review. Never message a buyer mentioning the word review as this is a slippery slope here that can get your account a warning.



I completely agree with you Ma’am. Hopeful for more learnings from you.
I am a professional Graphics Designer and I am ready to attain level 2 status on fiverr :slight_smile:

I love the upbeat encouraging title of this thread. But it makes you look at it.

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I don’t think you have to say sorry for this, usually, we’re seeing such type of questions by not only one but there is a larger number of sellers are usually asking those questions, even the proper answers of those questions already written by many users, but no one is reading that. I think such types of questions need to add in a folder on top of the forum category, it’s my personal opinion.

Well said. The competition is becoming fierce.