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If unfinished work but order completed

Hi, I want to know that if I go to someone’s gig, place order their, pay the amount accordingly and he/she start doing work on my request. After that, if delivered work automatically completes in 3 days and I log in into fiverr account months later, then I see the work delivered was not finished but 50% provided to me. In such a situation, how will I ask him/her for modifications or money return? I contacted the seller, but he is not responding anymore.

If I contact fiverr for this situation, will they help me?

You can contact Fiverr support, and they will help you as best they are able to.

But why have you left it so long to check the work!? Fiverr allows buyers 3 days after delivery to check the work of the seller, before the order auto-completes. This is the time when you should have checked the work, as this is the time when you would have been able to request a revision or open a dispute. If you’re only checking the work after a few months, you’ve left it way too late.

Respectfully, months later, how do you even know that the seller is still offering their services? If you’re going to be purchasing on Fiverr, there are rules that buyers need to follow just as much as sellers. Doing so in the future will make your experience here much more positive.


The order auto completed after 3 days of your latest delivery.