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If vendor does a bad job, why do I have to pay for bad work?


Recently I’ve come across many sellers that make their work very bad and then when I don’t want to pay 4 times the 1st agreed value we agreed on, they get mad and fiver comes after me with a “OOPS I WON’T DO IT AGAIN” button.

I think several people in this service including the creators, more than anything, have things backwards.

Many workers here can’t understand English well so I’ve had many dealings where they went like

ME "I want this round please"
Seller "BLUE? ok. Here’s yellow"
ME"No, please, just round and like you advertised"
Seller “Sir please sir I cant accept this sir this work is expensive and time consuming sir Please sir give me 4 times the price and here’s your pink triangle”
(trying to write like they write to me)

Do you see where I’m going?


Sounds like a miscommunication. I would suggest to test the waters by contacting the sellers first just to get a first impression and to test the waters.

This will give you a better idea if you would be interested in working with that particular seller or not.

Well, what I usually do is I contact the seller and send a clear message of the task.
I ask them if they think they can do it, they have time or whatever, then they engage me.

So they’re at fault 100% of the times.
Yet fiverr is forcing me to “oops I won’t do it again” . dafaq, right?

I’m not sure what this means:

“Yet fiverr is forcing me to “oops I won’t do it again” . dafaq, right?”

When you get an account warning, you get a button at the top of the page which asks you to acknowledge the account warning. It says “oops. I won’t do it again” and you have to click accept.

oh I see, thanks.

This is why communication is always key. This is why you always send a message, engage the seller, and see if they’ll be a good fit for you before you jump in. Although a lot of sellers are also busy, especially if their services are high in demand. So always keep messages short, and to the point, and no more than 3 messages before a purchase, and ask for samples of previous work. This way you can see if their work is plagiarized or not.

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Diddo what everyone is saying about communication, its important.

But on another note, why pay them if their work is bad? This is a tricky question, and it really depends on the seller. If I created a website for my client, and I deliver whats in my gig description and they use up all their revisions but still are not happy, what to do?

I personally would appreciate a full payment, but I would be open to the buyer negotiating a partial refund because I did fulfill the gig, and I did spend time working on the project even if they don’t like it.

Many other sellers, especially those who mainly do smaller gigs, will often offer a full refund. This is because the time negotiating a partial refund is worth more than the partial refund itself.

But I agree, miscommunication is a rampant issue on Fiverr. Hopefully you find a better buyer next time!

Unless the contract was fraudulent, I can’t think of a situation in real life where you don’t have to pay (against the seller’s wishes) just because you don’t like the finished product. For example, I can’t go to a restaurant, decide I didn’t like the food I ordered, and thus refuse to pay. A few years ago, I had a mechanic install a windshield on my SUV. He did a craptastic job caulking the inside, messed up the top of the dash a little, etc., but it was not fraudulent, so I could not just refuse to pay him for his work. You can give bad reviews or work out a resolution with the seller, but I find it hard to imagine how doing business in the real world has given you the idea that you should be able to refuse to pay for a service because you had buyer’s remorse.

For most who repeated the same thing, I reply what I said earlier.

“Well, what I usually do is I contact the seller and send a clear message of the task.
I ask them if they think they can do it, they have time or whatever, then they engage me.”

so in this particular case its

step 1 I contact seller. ask if they can do the job after explaining what it is clearly
step 2 seller agrees to do the job after (assuming) he/she understands the task
step 3 agree to a certain price ($5)
step 4 seller responding with very FAR out version of what I asked. It’s not that it’s JUST bad, it’s not that it’s not what I asked.
step 5 I say, no this isn’t what I asked, I asked for a “black circle” and you brought me a “pink triangle” (for explanations sakes)
step 6 seller comes back with a blue triangle and says this work is worth $20
step 7 I can’t pay you more for something I didn’t ask.

Is the situation more clear now?

It’s not that they did a bad job, is that they didn’t do what I asked for.

newspoet your response made the most sense of all the replies so far, but that is not the case.
If you ask for a wiper replacement and they change the windshield and charge you $400 dollars instead, would you want to pay and just complain?

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@makugx your scenario is definitely not what I was speaking about. I was talking about a situation where the expectations were agreed upon beforehand (i.e. I will write 500 words for $20). I just had a situation where a buyer agreed to such a straightforward statement and then refused to pay for the X amount of words she received. I ended up having to deliver another 500 words for free before she would stop abusing the “Request Revisions” button to block the delivery. See this recent conversation.

I wouldn’t worry about it now @newspoet - it’s more than 18 months since he replied to you! :slightly_smiling_face:


communicate fully and clearly before placing order
make your every requirement clear again with seller tell them to write it down in custom offer then you will not have problem

@offlinehelpers, I just noticed I was mentioned… :slight_smile:

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Don’t think the poster’s been around for a while, so no worries! :rofl:

You’re responding to a thread from July 2016.

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it came to recent post thats why i replied to it :slight_smile: