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If we are not allowed to get the buyer's email id how are we to contact them?

hey everybody! fiverr has this rule where we are not supposed to ask the email id of the person and i also read somewhere that the mails received by buyers have in the email id of the sender. so how do i as a seller get this? should i create a new email id? how do i send documents if i have to, to the buyer without an email id?

Once your buyer orders from you, you can upload your work to the order page using deliver now button! Also you can attach the files in a personal message to the buyer’s inbox when sending them your sample work and so on! Contacting buyers outside Fiverr is against the TOS and not abiding by these rules may lead to your account been deleted after initial warning!

I also am wondering about this. what if the file is larger than the maximum file size? (30 mb)