If we block someone it should stop them from ordering from us


I have someone who is harassing me with multiple messages every day. At first I answered his questions and then sent an offer, but he still sends several message per day as if he is trying to just get me to chat with him and will never really buy a gig but wants me to think he will.

Now I dread having him actually purchase anything.
It would be great if I knew that blocking him would prevent him from ordering.

Once we block someone it means we don’t want to do business with them.


This feature would make my life so much easier. Every time I have people tell me that they are going to order anyway and pay me what they think a job is worth, I just find myself facing a scary enigma of a being who I just want to shut out of my life forever. It’s is basically blackmail.


I am not so sure but when you click in ‘report’ now is one new feature to select ‘I don’t want him to contact me’ and I think this option will block him for new.orders too. I am not very sure but I have blocked two buyers and they didn’t order to me. Maybe they hire someone else because I didn’t reply or maybe this block feature have work so he was unable to order to me.


Just ignore them and they will go away eventually. If he orders, tell him you can’t pick up their energies or something and they should find a new spell caster


Or just straight up tell them right now you can’t pick up their energies and they should find someone else - they will probably stop responding faster


I don’t want to engage with him. That will start him up again. If I ignore him long enough maybe he will give up. The last thing he said today was I’ve decided to go with you. I trust you. Of course that was just in the hope of me responding.


That would make my life on Fiverr a lit easier. YES! Please allow sellers to block messages AND orders from buyers.