If we do not have hope, peace, faith and love will be lost in our lives


There were 4 candles in one room. The candles started talking with each other in their own language. The first candle said, ‘I believe. He can not keep me alive. I will go out now.’ Then it went out

The second candle said, ‘I am peace. Because there is no faith, so I do not see any need to burn. I will go out now.’ After finishing the work the second candle went out

The 3rd candle opened the mouth, I love. There is no peace and trust, so I do not have the energy to burn like a lot. Men keep me aside without emphasizing it. Not only that, they forget the beloved people. "Talking about the 3rd candle Tao quit

After a while, a child entered the room, the child asked the question of the 4th candle burning in the team’s side of the three candle left, why did not you wholly drink it?

The baby started crying. Now candle 4 opens the mouth. ‘Do not be afraid. I am burning as long as you want, you can burn the rest of me again. My name is hope.’ Child with hope is candy tea Burned all the lights again in bright light.

The story is metaphor, but thousands of disappointments, sadness and problems will disappear in the darkness and should not be given to the light of hope.

Because if we do not have hope, peace, faith and love will be lost in our lives.


Huh? Talking candles? Convoluted metaphors for hope and perseverance?

You lost me. I can think of many simpler analogies for hope than talking candles that make babies cry. :wink: