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If we set to out of office

If we set to out of office , For a years and im on level 1, will we still in Level 1 when we back to office? Btw… I’ve found my friend who has Level 1 and he don’t get any order for a years. But he still on level 1… Why


Because his ratings are high enough to keep him there.

Being OOO doesn’t necessarily mean your ratings drop at all. It depends on the math.

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Hello! Stickylab
I strong believe your seller level is being evaluated on your different statistics such as your response rate, order completetion, on time Delivery and positive rating amongs others. So, to have the above , you need to receive orders. But, each time you put on Out Of Office, buyers can not be able to contact you for an order and hence your statistics don’t change since no new order came in. I can not really tell with all certainty if out for more than a year.

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My friend doesn’t get any sleep order for years, but he still on level 1

Yes! That should surely be because his order statistics has been constant since no new order came in. So the ratings were surely >= 90% reason why he was not downgraded. I’m not also senior so I can’t really tell how fiverr works. But, you too can go around read through fiverr guide, help, forum and TOS.