If we update gigs regularly the impression decrease?


If we update gigs regularly the impression decreases… is it true ?


yes this is true my gigs were vanished afted editing categogory! :sob::sob::sob::astonished:


I had my gig disappearing from the site for 12+ hours twice after I’ve updated them. They reappeared after I’ve contacted CS about it. So in that sense, it’s kind of true.


i have already updated 2 times this past month :frowning_face:


sad bro! i am new at fiverr and i have already changer my gig category 2 times :confused:


Well, if they are showing up in the search still you should be fine. I would recommend not to tweak them a lot, though, because the site can be glitchy. Write the gig description separately (in Word or whatever else you have), plan where do you want to put your gig, etc.


thank u for ur advice. :grinning::grinning: