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If you are a Buyer, Will you buy from me looking at my Profile and Gig details?


I am New Seller. I really need to work here and do something with my life.
I have created One Gig, for Now. Looking at my Profile and Gig details, If you are a potential Buyer will you buy from me?

I am just testing out if I have done any errors or mistakes.

I won’t buy from you. Why? Because there is no your profile or GIG link provided.


Hi there @awaisdesk. Welcome to Fiverr and the Forum. I just checked your Gig. I see you’re an expert in many things. This is great, however, if I were you I would describe your profile description more nicely… not as in;

I My name is Awais Ahmad. I am a Professional Blogger and Influencer.
I am an Expert Brand/Business Names and Slogans Creative.
I am an Expert Resume/CV Writer and Designer.
I am an Expert Logo, Invitation, Banner, Flyer and Social Media Designer.
I am an Expert Proofreader and Writer.
I am an Expert Business Card Designer.
I am an Expert Domain Researcher.
I am an Expert Graphic Designer.

Also, your second image is a copy from the internet… it looks cheap. You better add your own work here.

Also. add some space between your Description Titles

I wish you the best of luck!

Warmly, Humberto

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When I see someone’s expert in everything, my skin bristles - specially when they copy from the internet. :grimacing:


Hi @maitasun, yes, so do I… it is often too good to be true… :crazy_face:


Hi Hum! :slightly_smiling_face:

That’s the problem, it’s not true. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Well, All these things just fall into TWO Categories. Graphic Designing and Writing.
I am good in these things. What else am I gonna do?

There is no CURE for Superstitions.:blush:

I came here thinking it will help but no one is Optimistic or Encouraging. Everyone has got Something Negative.

@awaisdesk, @hum_on_the_go told you some of your mistakes. I’ll add some more. And beware, you claiming to be an expert in writing & proofreading, having so many mistakes makes you look not so very well, to say the least.

Here, my contribution:

Please take care of all the errors within the bolded text. As you claim to be an expert proofreader, I guess you don’t need my help to find out the mistakes. :wink:


@maitasun Thank You, I appreciate your concern but I wasn’t writing an Article for Bloomberg or The Sun.
I was conveying my message in simple words.
Will be careful next time as We have got proofreaders here as well.