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If you are Brand New to Fiverr here's just one little tip

I had someone message me today suggesting I write my full link to my Fiverr profile in all my messages.

I replied just now saying…
“When you click on my username you will end up on my Fiverr profile. It’s the green text that says “Creativeman” to the right on my profile picture every time I write something to you.”

I was totally surprised people would not know this. The guy communicated this in a real humble way which is refreshing to see as a new person joining our community.

The moral of the story is…

Sometimes we have to communicate the extreme basics of Fiverr to new people. Like the saying goes “a rising tide floats all boats.” Lets raise the knowledge of people around us no matter how basic it is.

Kind Regards,
Murray / Creativeman

  • no link required here obviously =)

And obviously in the Forum our usernames are blue but our usernames are green in our Fiverr inbox =)

That’s true, sometimes I have shared YouTube videos and blogs from the Fiverr academy to deal with Fiverr amateurs.

Great idea =)

yea very good tip.

Of course, everyone knows this yet, especially new buyers …

Thanks for the tips.

am new on fiverr, help me to make orders

i am onle level sellers i read yor fuul stories like toooo good helpful for me but my problem is i am new one fiver but i have no job yet my gigs is
please suggest me more information wht i doing right now ?

Improve your English.
You will not get orders with this type of communication.

forward them to Fiverr Academy and if they still not understand politely understand them