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If you are denied TRS be open to learning and growing

So, I was nominated as TRS this morning. I’ll know my status in 48 hours. I was under the false impression at first that it was automatic but it’s not. Taking the time to read and understand the fine print made that clear to me. Thanks for some of the Admins for pointing it out to me.

I’m expecting not to get it because statistically only a few are chosen as Top Rated Sellers based on criteria from the Fiverr board of editors. I’ve seen some in the forums complain that month after month they qualify for TRS status but never get it.

I believe the correct response needs to be an attitude of a willingness to grow and learn. If you are not selected, If I’m not selected I’m going to ask what I need to do to improve my gig. Where can I improve on.

I’m not one of these conspiracy theorists who believe that there’s some close knit group of editors on Fiverr who chooses TRS based on who they like the best and who they don’t like. It’s obvious based on how gigs are set up on Fiverr how they are performing and how they are standing out from everyone else.

It’s worth always checking out TRS seller gigs to find out what they are doing correctly. How many orders do they have in Que? How have they created a loyal fan base and following?
How do they set up their gig and the quality of their gig video presentation is key as well.

I’m not expecting to get TRS status because the stats are not in my favor on who gets it and who doesn’t… Either way I plan on doubling down on improving my gigs and improving myself in the process.

If you are frustrated with the process and would rather vent in the forums…you are missing out on the learning process.


Good Luck! :four_leaf_clover:

I like your attitude! :slightly_smiling_face:


You mean nomination is not automatic? How does one become nominated, once they meet the criteria of selling seniority, orders, earnings and days without warnings?


@adrover Yes nomination is automatic but being promoted to TRS is not.


Oh, okay. That’s what I thought. I meet the criteria but I didn’t get a notification about being nominated. It seems like other people are getting notifications, so I’m a bit curious.


The notifications can be delayed sometimes for days I have found, at least in my case.


The problem here is the fact that some people think meeting the bare minimum stats entitles them to TRS status. It doesnt. It entitles them to have their profile, gigs and overall performance assessed by the “selection committee” - that’s it. Aside from earnings and time on the platform, the metrics are the same as to maintain Level 1 for goodness sake…

PS. I said something similar before I got TRS so people can avoid getting their underwear in a twist about a TRS saying this.

PPS. Good luck Will


I assure you not every TRS seller has a ton of orders in their queue. In the brand names category, there’s only two people in the TRS section.

A logo signature designer, which has NOTHING to do with creating brand names.

And a pro seller with a gig with 3 people in his queue and 1 review.

I don’t know why his name says he has 1k+ reviews, because his most popular gig only has 175 reviews. In fact, some of his gigs have only 4 reviews. So clearly this is a pro seller that was fast tracked to TRS without earning it.

I have 1527 reviews on that gig, and I was TRS. A competitor of mine who I won’t name here, usually has 10 to 15 orders in his queue, and he’s still level 2. How is that possible? .

The TRS process is completely arbitrary. You talk about learning? Learning what? A lot of us are professionals in our fields, we’ve been doing it for years. What more can we learn? How much more can be grow?

We’re not the problem, we’re not the ones who need to learn and grow.

Fiverr is the one that needs to take a step back, fix what isn’t working before adding new features.


Or, he could have deleted successful gigs. As you know, reviews stay with an account, even after the gigs are deleted or removed. His total reviews wouldn’t change when successful gigs are deleted or hidden. :wink:


That’s true, but I’m suspicious. Unless a successful gig is a huge hassle or leads to bad reviews, deleting it makes no sense.

Besides, don’t you think you should be TRS? You have 14 orders in queue, no one else has that. I don’t get it, if you were a realtor and you sold 14 properties in a month, you’d be getting a corner office, a team under you, and all the perks that successful people get.

Here on Fiverr all we get it, “sorry, you’re not good enough to be TRS, keep trying!”


Random selection, Eenie, Meenie, Minie, Mo.

what i think is that they are only giving the TRS to those who are bringing in more $$ then others. For example if a person avg. selling is more than others. He is the one to get the TRS badge. As they know he will bring more $$ then the one who has just a small avg. selling but have a lot of orders.

So from my point having more orders is not the point. Having bigger order is the point. if you have only 3 orders of $1000 each in a month you can be a TRS as your avg rate would be above $300 or something. but if you have 100 orders in queue of $5 you are at the same smaller place. :frowning:

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I became a TRS when all my gigs were only $5 but I had a lot of orders.

There is no way to tell who gets it. I’ve seen sellers here who have been here one year with only 300 reviews and low prices. Still, they must have had enough high priced orders to earn $20,000 in the first year which is a good accomplishment. It took me into my third year to do that as I recall.

They look at the overall way your gigs look and how you do business. Good English is important. Not being late with orders. It’s the entire package.


I agree. But it could still happen. Heck, maybe Fiverr removed the gig (for whatever reasons). That’s been known to happen too. :wink:

To be honest, I’m happy at the level I have right now. I, personally, don’t need to be a TRS in order to feel successful. If it’s awarded to me, than sure, I’ll accept it, and make it part of my seller identity. But until that happens, I’m a Level 2 seller, and I’m perfectly okay with that.


Does he have only pro gigs now? Since you aren’t allowed to revert “normal” gigs you had before to pro gigs, I can imagine some people who get the pro approval for their newly set up pro gig, might want to delete the old non-pro gigs to not have both pro and non-pro gigs, which might be a bit confusing for buyers and look inconsistent on their seller page.


I was contacted by a fiverr person before I got TRS. We talked a bit about my career overall and my fiverr experience in particular.

I got the feeling she didn’t like my attitude regarding cancellations. I said something along the lines of “I think 5-7% cancellation rate is completely reasonable and doesn’t need to be improved upon” to which they went: “But you can try to do better”.

So my advice would be, keep your stats above 95% at all times. Fiverr likes that. And good luck. I hope you get promoted. :slight_smile:


Good attitude, but a bit naive. What I do not appreciate, is they send me a “personalized” email after what I should work on, what should I change. Those are so general that it is insulting. And if you read all, you realize it’s basically spam, and does not apply to you, this is what everyone gets.

If they told me where I’m lacking, I could learn. I’ve seen TRS whose order numbers, revenue was definitely way lower, their gigs are poorly written, God knows how they got the title. So I do not even try anymore.


It used to be that way, but I know sellers who make a lot of money and haven’t been promoted to TRS.

I see TRS as a reward for being successful, at least it used to be that way.

Once you’re chosen as a pro seller, all your gigs become pro gigs. You still control the price, but you get the pro designation. I wonder if anyone has ever been demoted from pro seller?

I think 5-7% is excellent. Being told you can do better is ridiculous, how can one do better when we don’t control who orders?

That’s not the case, as far as I’ aware. There are several pro sellers who were “normal” Fiverr sellers before and who have both pro and non-pro gigs. There actually aren’t pro sellers, Fiverr even introduced the thing as “not a new level but a new gig badge” or something to that effect, when they posted about it on the forum back then. Unless you want to call those who only have pro gigs (those are usually those who weren’t on Fiverr before, so start out with only new pro gigs) Pros, which is, of course, practical, there are pro gigs not pro sellers.

There are several sellers who where on Fiverr already before Pro, then became Pros but kept old gigs, alongside their new pro-approved gigs.
It may appear as if Pro sellers only have Pro gigs (because of people who start Fiverr as Pros already and probably some who become Pros decide to get rid of their non-pro gigs), but I know at least one former frequent forum poster who was, still is, TRS, then applied for Pro gigs and now has mostly Pro gigs but kept a few of her non-pro gigs.

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I think 10% is great, to be honest. You should have some wiggle room when you have a stressful month or when — actually, even when you did 4 designs for food delivery services this month and don’t want to do the 5th one just because.

I promised to try and stay committed to 5% and we left it at that. After rising my prices I get contacted before people place the order most of the time and it eliminates a lot of undesirable orders and keeps me at 97%-99%, though.