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If you are given 100 Million USD on Two Conditions

If you are given 100 Million US Dollar on a condition that you can only buy a house with that money and that too in your favorite locality of the world. Where would that be?

Nationality, Citizenship,etc are no problem. No property tax either. You need to choose your favorite neighborhood in your most favorite country/city of the world.

I personally would choose a giant Palazzo/Bungalow/Mansion in Mellieha, Malta.


An obsolete lighthouse. Once someone gave me the 100 Million, I´ll tune my allowed orders in queue down, research which of them could be bought, WiFi coverage and a couple more things and be back to tell you where my new favourite locality of the world is.


I would not accept those conditions. I don’t need – or want – a $100 Million house.

If the money could only be used for a house, then I would return it. I can think of far better, and more practical, uses of $100 Million dollars. :wink:

A house that looks similar with that of the British queen or even mightier:wink:

Last time I checked, this Guy built his house with short of $1B USD. Got flamed left and right and couldn’t relax ever since. :smirk:

I’m a person simple tastes. So may be I too will invest. But if you say I SHOULD buy a home or $100 mil gone to ashes? I would choose a castle in Transylvania.

@miiila, living in a lighthouse is :sunglasses:


Where in the world? (20 chars)

The whole world is one family. Nothing is foreign. Boundaries are created by the power-hungry people by making stupid rationals.

I would rather have and invest $50 million in a start-up than feeding a corrupt and gluttonous giant with my $100 million.

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Transsilvanian castle isn’t bad either, the inspiration! You could get another 100 Million for free spending, on startups, giants, good causes or whatever you fancy, by setting up a “I will ghostwrite a bestselling vampire eBook series for you” gig then. :wink:

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Huh? Okay, whatever.

Haha, okay :)…

I would buy a mansion on the Island of Krk in Croatia, or perhaps in the city of Opatija, which is also in Croatia. I visited them this summer and I fell in love with those places.

Perhaps, with that money, I can go ahead and bribe some officials in the third-world countries, buy land, and make an independent country called Gig_Freakia, all of you would be welcome to join. No taxes for Freelancers, super fast internet connection and did I mention NO TAXES?

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I will be the first one to reside in your country.

Both the places are beautiful, Island of KRK looks better to me.

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Yeah, both of them are lovely. Also, it doesn’t matter which one you chose as they are 20 minutes drive away.

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obviously noone in this world would giving thats lum sum of money bro haha

Wow! That’s pretty off-topic. Read the post again.

A small apartment in Tokyo. That’s all I need.

Send the remaining dollar to me. :smiley:

And a very high-end gaming PC. And a big library of old games. And every old gaming system from the history + a small CRT TV (because old games look better when played on a CRT screen). And a big Steam library, too. And food. And I still want to have money to pay bills. :smiley:

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Anywhere but must be an island not just any but the ones you see and you’d want to live in like the one in the movie ‘life of pi’:heart_eyes:

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Ahah love that would definitely build the house or let me call it ‘the palace’ in your country:grin:

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