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If you are in love, can you concentrate in your orders?

Just a Friday topic to discuss how your productivity and focus is affected if you happen to be in love. Share your stories.


Well, I hate to break it to you, but business is business.

If you can’t concentrate to service your clients properly, you shouldn’t be in business.

Just my two cents.

Great question, BTW!


Sure, why not?

Me, my dog and my cat have no problems


What an odd question. Do people quit their jobs when they fall in love? I hope not!


Prince Harry has joined the forum.

Hmmm, where did this question come from?
Sounds like you have a story to tell yourself.

I have to admit, some time back a love interest did cause quite a bit of disruption in my work life but it didn’t last (neither the relationship nor the disruption).
It was more about needing to spend time with them and meet up etc than the head-in-the-clouds-all-day type thing though.

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