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If you are skilled. do the competition matter?

I am a shopify expert. I am a php and mysql expert. I am a web design expert. But i am confused. Some people saying that already a lot of people doing this in fiverr. i mean a lot of gigs made on these skills. Competition is very tough. You should change you skill set.
What should i do now. Should i add more skills or i should fight with what i can do. Should i care about the competition level.


High competition doesn’t necessarily mean you should quit a niche. It can simply mean that you’ll face a struggle trying to differentiate yourself within a crowded market.

Being an expert in your field, especially on Fiverr, can help you stand out from the crowd, but I still believe you’ll struggle to be believed, at least at first. The reason for that is everybody says they’re an expert. I’ve seen logo designers selling stolen work while claiming to be graphic design experts. I’ve seen writers claiming to be English experts despite not knowing how to put a sentence together.
“Professional” and “expert” have become two of the most overused, worthless words on the whole site. It’s not enough to just rock up to the site and say, “hey, I’m good,” because everybody else is already doing that.

If you can concretely demonstrate that you’re far superior to your competition, then you may find your highly competitive niche to be very profitable. If you can’t prove your ability in a concrete way that resonates with your potential buyers, then I feel you face a long, hard struggle to get consistent orders.


Yes. i agree. Thanks for clearing the issue.

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Competition is ALWAYS a factor.

A needle in a haystack is still a needle in a haystack even it’s the best needle ever.

I’m not saying to give up. I’m just saying that competition always needs to be a consideration. It can help you to differentiate and specialize in a niche.

Yes, @humanissocial is right. As is @ahmwritingco. We have many competitors so you have to prove to me, the buyer, that you are different in some way, that make s you the best fit for my needs.

that can be proving how skilled and trustworthy you are that the CIA hire you, or something less tangible like doing it in a bikini (works for car washing).


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Thanks for the mention!

On top of proving it, you have to stand out.

There are loads of people who are superior, but if you’re not discoverable to your target audience or to people who are browsing and your superiority or differentiation aren’t apparent, no one will know you are superior.

Yes, that is the trickiest bit. If your potential audience can’t or doesn’t find you.

Sales is easy when you have the right product for the right customers already in the room. All you have to do is not mess it up (and even then sometimes you can and they will still buy as they want the product more than care about your stupidity).

Working out how to get in front of the right people is the hardest bit. Or to get them in front of you. Especially with new business as it is hard to know who will want to be your customer if you don’t already have a clear * “I’m selling bikini babe perving to dirty car owners”* line in your marketing plan.

As a Composer, I know there are trillions of films being made but I also see that the most visible jobs are from people wanting free clones of Avengers scenes for which they expect the work done free and to get all rights to the music. Not work worth doing as there isn’t any way to show who I am either in the composing or in not being able to show it in my Portfolio. So where are the people who want a creative partner - even if the budget is not 100% scale?

If I can’t find them in a place, I can at least try to be seen as the sort of person I would want to choose as a working partner.


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