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If you are starting out on writing in fiverr, follow the following tips


Sheriff’s Note: Self Promotion belongs in the My Fiverr Gigs section, and should not be disguised as a Tip for Sellers.

Sheriff’s Note: Please stop Copying and Pasting articles on the Forum that are lifted from sources on the Internet.

Sheriff’s Note: What you are doing is considered Spam.

@writinghub You aren’t too bright, are you? You have been told repeatedly by the sheriffs to stop posting plagiarized articles in the forums in a pathetic attempt to self-promote, and every day you do it again! Are you trying to see how quickly you can get your account banned by being obnoxious?

Official Fiverr Press Release:

We regret to announce the awarding of our first Top Rated DUMBASS… new “Level”… to writnghub.

The award will continue to be assigned to those Fiverr Sellers, who prove repeatedly that they possess the IQ of a potted plant!

End Press Release