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If you can't afford it, don't ask for discounts

Have you ever had a potential client with tight budget? We all did… It’s not something to be ashamed of. We have businesses, we have budget and we look for services which can fit in it.

However what I find offensive is when a discount is being asked, especially when somebody insists on it. It’s a waste of the buyer’s time and it’s especially a waste of my time as a seller to deal with situations like this.

We sellers love working with people. It’s what we do and even if we are far away from each other, we are still human and we appreciate mutual respect.

Here is our little chat with this Fiverr Business Client, who requested around 30% discount.

Buyer: I want the basic order but with the script for the same price.
Buyer: Will you consider taking $X for the standard please?
Me: I am sorry but I don’t provide any discounts. I treat all of my clients at the same and do my best to provide the best quality for my services.
Buyer: please can you do $Y for premium?
Me: [refusing politely]
Buyer: no thanks have a great day

I have to admit that I was hoping he would refuse working with me. This was a huge red flag and I am pretty sure there could be different issues and tons of revisions requests.

And with that said, I advice a useful topic to read for buyers.


A business client who goes after services over his budget… smart guy! :joy:

But seriously. The seller is the ultimate authority over who gets the discount and by how much. Other people shouldn’t minimally even think to get away with paying you less.
It’s a service, not a used item you’re haggling over. Unless you’re paying for 3 gigs in bulk, I’m not shaving 5$ off the order cost at all.


I chatted with an English-language teacher recently who was having trouble explaining to his exchange students who came from a barter-culture that ‘no, you can’t haggle with the cashier at the supermarket.’

If I’m ever asked for a discount again, I’ll redirect them to Fiverr’s discount code.


@mattboa I completely agree with you. Also some sellers may provide discounts to new buyers. In those cases the seller himself will inform you about that. Recently I’ve noticed that only Fiverr Business Clients have been asking me for discounts…


While I agree that there are probably some cultural influences at play, in many cases (in my experience) buyers who want a discount are simply rude and greedy individuals with a pumped up ego - all fuelled by a sense of power that only the anonymity of the internet and a screen name can provide.

I’m not interested in working with any of these sorts. My rates are clear to see. If people choose to disrespect them, then I’m not interested in working with them. That includes people who instead of directly asking for a discount try and instead sneak in more work for the same fee.


I’m still new to this and haven’t gotten any requests yet but I can’t imagine having to experience things Iike this :woman_facepalming:t2: Hopefully I won’t encounter this problem too many times.


I get those types too. The Misogynist Rapper: I said to allow ~10 hours for his song. He insisted on paying low-rate for 4 hours. At +20 hours was still messing around because he refused to follow any direction. He was also becoming very rude. His review cited my (horribly advanced) age as being the problem in the gig rather than his overwhelming arrogance to cover his own willful stupidity. Needless to say, I get no more work on that platform thanks to him.

It is funny because I used to negotiate for a living (car salesman) and yet online whenever people demand discounts from me, they never offer anything of value in return. That is is the essence of negotiation. Value has to be exchanged or it is simply as Ayn Rand put it, business at the end of a gun.

@english_voice is right in that it is not about culture or even budget, but about power games from a certain type of person with a very tiny set, but massively inflated ego.



I actually have a Gig that states “I will write a 500-word article for you at a discount price for a limited time.”

That seems to squelch the others who kept pestering me for a discount.


That’s actually a great idea.

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that you linked an old thread of mine was a great fit and I can only say that not much has changed since then and never will. Just recently I had this great conversation again:


I’ll translate briefly from Buyer for Seller “(No hello to greet), I have no idea about anything, I also have nothing prepared and no instructions. So I want you to do more work than usual, but at the same time I want to pay almost 70% less, because although I want to work with you, your work is bad and not worth the money. I even make a false statement that I accuse you of, proving that I didn’t even spend two minutes looking at your portfolio that you just sent me. My special skill: I manage in two sentences to be an absolutely obnoxious person with whom no one wants to work. Have I convinced you? Then create the offer”.


So much arrogance… Unbelievable…

A quick question: Do you know if by blocking a buyer, he won’t be able to purchase from you?


Some can message you, some can order and message you too. It’s a bug that’s been going around for years, it seems. Kind of like the missing BR previews…
Most blocks that aren’t done through reporting/flagging as spam or without writing in the text box (if you do it via their profile) are pretty much placebo*. You have to write a paragraph after dealing with them or report them before they order if you have a reason, they’re the only two ways available for it to surely be 100% effective – which is honestly crazy because it should instantly work like on any other platform.

*Because the page doesn’t change, nor refresh. It’s like the system doesn’t register it at all, unlike with the other ways.


As far as I know blocking will just prevent them from contacting you through chat. It is very confusing - last week I was banned by a reseller which I rejected (tried to sell me projects from buyers request) and he blocked me afterwards. Finally I could check what would be changing being the “blocked user”. I was still able to visit his site but when I was clicking on one of his gigs through the profile, it would send me to the start page saying the gig was unavailable. In incognito mode (not logged in) I could still visit his gigs. So maybe they worked on it? I don’t know to be honest. Sometimes things just seem like a bug. Clients who you worked with can 100% be blocked from purchasing from you again (says Fiverr) and even two of them were able to directly purchase gig about a year after I blocked them. It is still pretty messy sometimes.


Thank you. The fact is that in rare cases I’ve needed to block users since I don’t want to deal with them. However I was worried because there are still those people who want to purchase from you despite the fact they are being rude and devalue your work. This means that they would only influence my ranking negatively as there is a high chance they leave me a bad rating. It doesn’t make sense to me and I don’t know why such stressful people exist.


Glad you posted this, i was going to say sometimes sellers need to remember that different cultures adopt different ways of operating.


You guys just need to up your prices. If I sell things for 10, somebody will come in asking to get it for 5. If I sell something for 500, the number of door kickers drops dramatically. Sure, I still get the odd one out with a low budget, but as a general rule they will be ready to spend at least the price of the basic gig. And it may make sense to negotiate over selling something for 300, 400, or 500 - it’s a conversation that can net you hundreds of dollars if you’re a good salesman. It doesn’t make sense to haggle over 5 bucks, even if you’re the best salesman in the world. The $ per minute spent arguing just doesn’t make sense.

As for the “haggling culture” argument… it’s pretty irrelevant imo. The thing is, the countries with actual buying power on Fiverr do not have that culture. And those are the ones that matter. 90% of the money spent on this platform comes from 10% of the countries, why even bother with anything else. I’m happy if 100% of my clients are from the US/CA/UK, and those do not have a bargaining culture, are willing to spend more, and speak English properly, so why should I care. Unless you are specifically trying to target a certain culture for some reason, the US culture is the default for online business. It’s the biggest market, and the most culturally influent. I’m not that interested in working for people with a different approach/culture, unless they make it really worthwhile for me (money wise - they’ll be a pain, so they have to pay the pain tax). They rarely do.


I don’t know where they come from, but at least in my country haggling is not okay, unless you’re buying something used or that doesn’t meets the regular quality that it should have. Which means that haggling is seen kinda insulting to a serious seller.

I haven’t yet encounter one person haggling in a supermarket, nor in a serious business environment like a company. Haggling is insulting a seller, by telling them their work isn’t worth the price they’re setting, or that it is of such low quality that it doesn’t deserves to cost that much.

So, haggling, no matter which country you come from, is not used in a serious marketplace or business, and it shouldn’t. Any buyer who tries to do it is a major red flag.


Haggling does happen in serious business environments, its actually a very common practice… People sometimes fear it on Fiverr, but you should use it to your advantage, you can offer a lot of easy to do services that customers perceive as extra value over a discount.


“sorry i actually do not offer discounts on my services however i do not mind throwing in X if you place your order today”

You have not given in to giving discounts but you also have not slammed the door in a customers face, remember it works both ways.


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However is up to the seller. Only they can decide the price to their services and what to include in an offer.

Imo I wouldn’t offer extra services to a buyer who asked for a discount. Give them an inch and they will take a mile. I’m not down to work with a buyer that starts their conversation disrespecting my price.

Don’t know where you worked, but where I come from no one tries to haggle in a company, not even the managers or CEO’s, not even in supermarkets, as I said. People love discounts, they actively search for them, but never dare to ask a seller for one unless they do bulk buying, the item is used or is not a good quality one… If a buyer here on Fiverr is going to mention discount, they should at least be asking for easier, quicker to do work, not trying to make the seller charge less for the same amount of work.

Of course the seller has the right to make the final decision but certain buyers like to try and get a good deal regardless and saying no to everyone can result in a loss of opportunities / revenue.

I have worked throughout the corporate world prior to freelancing and have experienced high level purchasing from multinational companies. From my experience it does not matter if you are the CEO or a middle manager, business is based around making deals and offering discounts.

I understand your point about customers not “bartering in supermarkets” but i was not referring to that as i was talking about "serious business environments. There is no point trying to fight it but try to learn to adapt and take advanced of it.

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