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If you can't do it, then just say that you can't


I retained a logo maker who I told to take their time whilst doing my logo, as I’d prefer it correct, than rushed. However, they ignored my requests, and have continuously ignored my directions.

I gave them a nice review because she is allegedly a young woman from Pakistan, and I can imagine the challenges she faces, but now she’s trying to extort more money out of me. I am trying to change my review to something more reflective of what looks like something a 4 year old would produce, but I am unable to do so.

I have also since reported her behaviour.

I was going to get someone to do my website too, but after this experience (my first experience on this site), I would rather move to another site.


There are a few people on here that just do not know what they are doing. There are also some very good freelancers who you will get on here for a fraction of the rate you would pay someone locally offline. The reviews that people have and the portfolio they show are probably the only indications of which you are going to get.


You’re right. My husband was saying that I should’ve looked more closely at her reviews, as the jobs that she did were sub-par. I just thought, “Oh I’ll give this woman a chance,” instead of looking at her work performance. Which was incredibly silly of me.

I’ll be scrapping what she did as it’s garbage.

I went back and forth with her, and she refused to listen to any of my directions. In the end, I just accepted her final mock-up and threw it away.


She might easily be a he. There’s :poop: advice going around that sellers should use pictures of pretty women to get more sales.


She probably is a young woman. But who knows (edit: it could be a man). FYI, some sellers use a young woman photo for their profile photo for silly reasons.


Probably the seller doesn´t even speak English well.


I thought that too. Oh well, I just lost some money. It’s all a learning experience.


S/he definitely doesn’t speak English well. I’ll just have to chalk this up as a learning experience.


Really sorry to hear that! But please you can’t chose a person because they are from a disenfranchised part of the world. I am also from Pakistan but I always try to communicate with my clients that I’d like to earn a five star review from them and that I won’t mark the job as complete until they are happy with the results. If I am from a poor family or my country is going through tough times that’s not the clients issue. Client buyer relationship should be based on trust not on guilt trips…Next time make the other person earn a good review.


Thanks for the advice. I just thought I should mention my service in case the buyer might have work. But I do stand by what I said, a buyer seller relationship needs to be based on trust. Buyers can’t simply hand over a five star review or a good tip because they feel the person is needy. This sort of behavior can lead to horrible dynamics in this community…


You’re quite right! :slight_smile:


Wish you best.
Totally understand your feeling.
Sent you a message offering some help for the short term!


That’s what my husband said. Anyway, I was silly for doing this.

This situation has really put a bad taste in my mouth though about this platform, as “Customer Service” only got back to me when I disputed the payment.

Anyway, thank you all for taking the time to read my post and comment.


@anreed Why is your account not active anymore?


Because I disputed the payment so that Customer Service would finally get back to me. And, guess what? As soon as I did that, they got back to me in lightening speed!

Anyway, I’ll take off the payment dispute, but I’ll be cancelling my Fiverr account. This has been the biggest f-ing headache I’ve had this week, and it’s only Tuesday.


@anreed You might not want to hear this, but actually there are many good sellers on this platform. I´m a buyer myself, so I´m not saying that to promote any service.


That is why she ignored your all instructions.


And I was wondering why some persons have wonderful reviews and horrible portfolios. I guess I’ve got my answer. Please, never leave a review until a job is done. Disputing an order after a review becomes much more difficult.


Thank you for your kind offer. However, I’ve already deactivated my account and I’m now going with another designer.

Thank you so much again, and I really won’t do that again (ie choosing based on guilt trips, etc.).


Honestly, I think the seller will do whatever they can to get you to place the order. But, it is up to you to pick out the diamond from the rocks. Because, every seller out there will claim to be the best one, it is up to you to make sure they can stand up to that claim before you place an order…