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If you could ask Fiverr to change only ONE thing about the current level system, what would it be?


I had a buyer place three identical $75 orders in a row because he didn’t think the first two went through.


I agree with you that is most likely the case. That was part of my strategy for having gigs with high starting points. But, this also means I sell at a lower volume. I did have one person place a “I made a mistake please cancel” at the $100 level. This killed my completion rating. It happened within a day of a chargeback. In order to keep my level I had to create a lower priced tier so I could increase the number of orders. I did it without actually lowering my rate. (I simply change the minimum order size).

I like the intent behind the level system, but I am critical of the execution. I agree too many innocent sellers get punished. However, as business owners, it is up to us to adapt to the new reality.


Perhaps you can hire an assistant?


vacation mode is a option .the option is off to come order and your account is safe for low rating


I would like to say Fiverr doing well both for Sellers and buyers, we need to prove our self to get in the good place.


Honestly, I am pretty sure that Fiverr does indeed think about Sellers. They think about Buyers too. They probably are not that interested in the helpless sellers or buyers, since it takes some skill to be a successful freelancer. As far as the level system, I don’t see thinking about sellers as a change, but I would recommend that you take the time to give yourself a helping hand and check out some valuable tips on the forum. Here are some to start:

Ready to go further? Read:


I’ve had situations where a buyer has ordered too much by mistake - either miscalculated the number of words or ordered things they don’t need etc. In the interests of good customer service (and since we can’t do a partial refund which is SUPER frustrating), I have to cancel their order and get them to order again. Which means I get pinged for giving good customer service. Kinda crazy that the solution is to shut up and take their money :wink: (or what I have been doing lately, is holding their overpayment as a credit towards the next order, which is getting harder and harder to manage the more I am holding!)


most of them
cancellation, rating and every 90% to 80%… or 85% would make some relief …
these requirements are too high and inhumane

Fiverr-corpo feeling is getting stronger and stronger.


I hate to say this but the cancellation part forced me to deal with hard buyers. Fiverr just proved to me that I can avoid order cancellation if I want to!
Despite the stress that comes with it, I feel like I have gained some experience in dealing with such situation.


LOL this whole “evaluation” thing they started is a joke. With lowered activity you also can’t bring your stats back up so down down you go to no level despite having earned Fiverr thousands and thousands of dollars over the years.


its good for new sellers i am so happy about this system.


Cancellation Rate :confounded:


I know that this thread is pretty old, but I’ve been AFK on the Forum for the last couple of days, and I have a suggestion that I’m not sure anybody else dislikes. As everybody else said, it would be great to have the Response Rate dropped to 80% or to implement a 2 strike demotion system, but to me, as a seller who’s average order pricing is about $10, the ratio of only needing 10 sales to $400 of profit is kind of insane just for level one. A few months ago, it was possible to make $400 in a month, but that was when I was at my peak of sales on my old account with a Level 2 status and about 50 reviews. When you’re just starting out, getting $400 seems unreasonable.

This means that if I average $10 an order, with a lot more being $5 than $10+ orders, I’d have to complete about 40 different orders just to make $400 while you only need 10 completed orders to be able to level up. In other categories that can charge more money for what the seller is offering, this may make more sense, but to get $400 in something close to 10 orders is crazy. I have all of the other stats ready but I’m not even halfway to the $400 mark with almost 20 completed orders, so I have a feeling I’m going to be inching my way to Level 1.

The statistics of this just seem uneven…


I believe this is true - - but at the expense of qualified professionals.

One of the best points - everyone should take away and try to implement.

As simple as that.


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I feel as though associating the word “inhumane” with the way Fiverr does things is a bit over-the-top dramatic.


I was demoted to level 2 without any seller initiated cancellations (one user never submitted order info and is no longer a user, the other was from a request to help me bully someone, they initiated cancelation). My traffic dropped and they averaged last months cancelations. That meant watching my orders completed rate drop from 92 to 85 percent and there was nothing I could do. There was zero improvement possible.


I do not know why but after evolution system my cancellation rate increased. Before evolution I had 1 or maximum 2 cancellations in 60/90 days. Now I have 9 cancellations. 6 of my cancellations’ reason were ordered by mistake and ordered without reading.

Even each cancellation effect your gig listing. :frowning:


This is a huge mistake. The original Fiverr had a maximum price of $5, that was the appeal. Introducing packages was great, but discriminating in favor of higher prices is hurting the website.

When Fiverr stops being a bargain, people will stop coming. There are more people that can afford $5 or $10 than $100 or $1,000.

The level system is also destroying great gigs, prompting some to quit Fiverr. What we have here is a new kind of Darwinism. Not survival of the fittest but survival by Fiverr’s standards. Not “let the best gig win” but “hold everyone to the same standard and ignore what makes each seller unique.”


I would suggest having a tracking system for unresponsive buyers so that after they buy a gig and never update the seller for months doesn’t affect the “Delivered on Time” of the seller. I had been on Level 2 badge for over 4 years, but because of one buyer who never update since October 2017, a few days ago, both my Level 2 and Level 1 badges have been removed. :frowning: