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If you could barter on Fiverr, what would you barter for


Before money existed people traded goods and services – BARTERED.

If you could barter on Fiverr what would you barter for?

For me, I would gladly do one of my whiteboard gigs for a good massage.


You don’t get a massage on Fiverr…


You are missing the point. You get buyers who have services to offer…at least I get lawyers, accountants, and all kind of professions who buy my gig. So if they wanted to barter they would trade their services instead of paying money. Heck in the good old days, they use to barter when they didn’t have the cash.

Besides this was just for fun…not to be taken seriously.


Got it…of course :smiley:


I would barter for a corporation formed in my state, although I can probably do it myself.
The corporation will pay me a salary and then keep the rest in a separate bank account, for expenses, thereby avoiding a lot of taxes.


If I were a seller, I would like to barter my services with a big SEAFOOD PLATTER. :yum:


@writer99025 So, what would you want to barter?


If I could barter on Fiverr, I would barter my services, for my client’s money.

Why? Because I prefer a capitalist economy. Chickens, geese, and IOU’s don’t pay the bills. :wink:


Starbucks coupons :smiley:


The question was what if there was no money to be exchanged? What if the monetary system was to collapse, all banks were to go down, our savings were to disappear and bartering was the only thing left? It has happened in hyperinflationary economies such as Zimbabwe and Venezuela and there was a fear that it could/can happen to Greece. - [This, by the way, is my biggest fear, only real fear.]


@writer99025 That´s why people must invest in different things :slight_smile:


Of course, but the OP didn’t say anything about no money within that barter system. So… since it wasn’t forbidden in the topic concept, I’d barter for money. :wink:

If currencies collapse and banks fail on spectacular levels not yet seen in modern history, than I’m pretty sure we’ll have far more important things to worry about then what we would barter. Ultimately, new currencies would arise to replace the collapsed ones. The odds of any post-collapse economy being based solely on “I’ll give you my chicken for your lawnmower” aren’t likely to happen.

There will always be some sort of currency. Barter economies just aren’t a concept welcomed in western civilizations of the modern era.


Here’s what people should understand - value of an asset is based on how much people can pay for it. So if the banks were to collapse and the monetary system was to go down, nobody would have money to pay rent, pay for property, pay for gold, or pay for stocks. Everything would just collapse. Bartering your service would be the only thing left. Think about it. :slight_smile:


Yes, but if the monetary system was to collapse, banks go down with our savings - I am talking about a real situation as it is happening in Venezuela and almost happened in Greece - where will you have the money to build a reserve in alternative currency - such as say Bitcoins - unless you have already been building that from the start? And even Bitcoins are based on dollars - if the dollar was to disappear, it wouldn’t be possible to simply switch to Bitcoins for everything…there are far too many complications. Only a small minority - 0.1% of the world will have sufficient reserves in alternative currency, if that were to happen…


@writer99025 Yeah, I know that. No worries, I have invested in different things. So even if the world would collapse, I would even still be able to eat good foods and people might buy produce from me. The scary part is, if people would actually rob me since there would be too many people but not enough produce, lol :slight_smile:


Exactly, that’s another point I wanted to make - with the collapse of banks, there would be a collapse of the rule of law.


@writer99025 It´s scary but it could happen anytime and it´s not like it has never happened before in some part of the world.


If world economies collapsed, so would Fiverr. Fiverr as a platform would have very little value in a world without valuable currency. If the world economy collapsed and there was no more money, all of us here on Fiverr would be out of a job (at least when it comes to working on Fiverr). Without trusted currencies, there just wouldn’t be any buyers – or interest in buying – here on Fiverr. Our Fiverr service economy would no longer exist. And you and I would be focusing our time and attention on far more important non-internet matters. :wink:

You have to look at the bigger picture when starting a discussion like this. Fiverr would never be a barter platform. There is no profit in a barter system.


Haha, I wasn’t worried about Fiverr, I was worried about other things, bigger things…the OP’s thread made me think.


True…but as I posted this was not to be taken seriously…just for fun…but you are 100% correct…Fiverr is about making money for services rendered.