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If you could make one change to Fiverr what would it be?

There are many comments on the forums about how Fiverr works so was just wondering if you could make one change to Fiverr what would it be?

I’d install myself as CEO. This way I could make lots of further changes and become fabulously wealthy in the process.

I would make packages optional, and would make it optional whether or not to begin gigs at $5 or higher amounts.

fun question. if i could make one change it would be the ability to block certain buyers from purchasing from you. yes they pay, and yes the work gets done but my gooooooooodness it can be a hassle to get there.

what would you change?

I would like the option to remove “for $5” in the gig title . If you want to have the word “for” in your gig title it doesn’t make sense to have the word “for” repeated again. For example…“I will give you the gardening guide for beginners for $5” doesn’t sound quite right to me.

I would change a setting to send 5% of every single paid seller commission to my PayPal. Then I would send everyone on the forum a free t-shirt and lots of pizza. (Gluten free, vegetarian, vegan, kosher or meat as per your request.)

Vegetarian for me please @fonthaunt. It is good to “spread the love”. That is what a community forum should be all about.

I would sort out all the bad apples :).

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