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If You Could, What Would You Like To Ask The Fiverr Team?

#FiverrSF is almost here and we’re very excited to meet everyone on May 7th. It’ll be a great opportunity for us to get to know the Bay Area community but for the community to also get a chance to know the Fiverr Team and ask all of the questions you’ve been waiting to ask.

Before we attend the event, we’d love to put some faces to usernames. Share with us a photo of you and one fun fact.

See you all soon in SF!

Excited to come and meet the Fiverr community and leaders, waiting for my invite to finalize plans!


Well :slight_smile:

$1250 airplane ticket

$600 hotel - 3days

$100 food

$300 for travel costs and shopping

50 x $5.00 Wine & bubbly = $250

$150 for beer.

I need only $2650 and i comming :stuck_out_tongue:

Reply to @skydesigner: :))

Well Fiverr Team,

1, Why does it take soooooooooooooooooo long for funds to clear???(In comparison with other freelance website where funds are available right away after completing the job)

2, I wish your customer support would be able to respond quicker to inquiries, why does it take days for some users to get an answer to their problems???

3, Why does such a popular website have issues with sooooooooo many bugs???

To everybody who is able to go to this event wishing you all tons of fun and please share some of your newly gained info here in the forum for the users who are unable to attend-It would be greatly appreciated :wink:

I think this is a new innovation. Good !

How do I get one of those awesome shirts?! I’ll do a free gig for you guys in exchange!! Let me sing about Fiverr as Johnny Cash or Frank Sinatra… or DAN SIMPSON (I hear he’s pretty good!) :slight_smile:

I hear the Gigs a comin

They’re rollin round the bend

I haven’t got an Inbox since don’t know when

I’m stuck in No-Gig Prison

And time keeps dragin on

But Impressions keep a droppin

On down to almost none

When I was just a baby

My momma told me son

Always be a good boy

Don’t ever play with Requests

But I send a Custom Offer

Just to watch it die

When I get no Notifications

I hang my head and cry

I bet the Featured Sellers are

Driving in a new sports car

They’re probably drinking lattes

And smoking big cigars

Well I know I had it comin

I know I can’t be free

But Featured Sellers keep a killin

And that’s what tortures me

Well if they freed me from this prison

If that Featured Gig was mine

I bet I move it on a little farther down the line

Far from No-Gig Prison

That’s where I want to stay

And I’d let those Notifications

Blow my blues away

[edit] ok… so I made a video of this to be in my Johnny Cash Parody Song gig… I figured I’d share it here, too:

I attended the LA Event (where I live) and visited the New York office recently! I can’t wait to meet up with everyone in San Francisco! We are shooting a video for a Fiverr client while we are there! Exciting*=)

The question I would like to ask the Fiverr Team is: Why are negative reviews regarding not providing gratis revisions allowed when the rest of the gig delivery is flawless (even when our gig pages and Buyer Requirements state that we do not provide gratis revisions)? Seems odd to have that mark against us, when the buyer agreed to the terms before the production of their gig even started?

Just my two cents! *:wink:


  1. What words of encouragement would you give to sellers that are fresh to the fiverr scene?

  2. Are there plans to fix site bugs and search algorithms?

Reply to @idansimpson: =)) =)) =))

5 month ago joined. 425 project completed. 211 positive review but my gig is denied without any notice? Why???


1.- Customer support. I have being on Fiverr for several years now and every single time that I had a problem, they always rule in favor of the buyer instead of the seller. Doesn’t matter who is right. Why Customer Services doesn’t represent the sellers at all?

2.- The most you work in the website and less sales we get. Why is that? I keep checking my competition and it’s not that they grow. This is a real issue for sellers. Just read the forum.

Thank you

website looked like a good idea, but it doens’t seem to work very well. bought something when i joined about a year or 2 ago, never got it, didn’t see any links for ‘not received’ etc, didn’t worry about it after that. I have a $5 ad placed and I. Got my first hit after about a year and a half and again I couoldn’t find a way to send him an invoice because my fee was more than $5.

Only 2 questions:

  1. One of the most critical moment of any online business, especially Fiverr, is a search engine that let a prospective client to find gigs. How come the Fiverr’s search engine is a disgrace to the entire company? Try searching “skiing” and you’ll find anything from “skin” to “skills” but my only gig with “skiing” in its title and content is on the 3rd page. The Fiverr’s search engine is a joke and a major obstacle to the company’s development.
  2. The moderators and the customer support are the curse of the company. Uneducated, lazy, unprofessional gatekeepers of the company preventing its from the wild success. The workflow needs to be changed ASAP.


  1. When your techs team will fix the BIG problem with search engine?

  2. I saw MANY gigs where the user put by example her/his twitter username (then buyers can contact him outside the site) or put the url of her/his website (same case, users can contact him outside fiverr

    I reported somes but I’m not fiverr employed for to do it.

    Why don’t put a simple “button” in every Gig for we can “report” that the gig or user are broken TOS.

    Pity I’m living so far for can meet in SF

    Hope when spanish market would be more biggest make one in South America.



That’s Good Idea.

it’s better idea.

After spending couple of years with ********,*******,odesk etc I can certainly say that Fiverr is the most innovate freelancing platform that I’ve encountered and it keeps on innovating.

However I’ve one question what’s the long term plan for inflation we all know this can not go on forever and our $5 will lose some of its value in coming decades if not years.

I know we have a lot of top-ups and other options to make more money and US dollar is a stable currency but still in the longer run $5 is not going to stick.

Can you guys make a way to truly verify the origin of a person’s country? Too many times I’ve fallen for “US” clients who did not know English very well.

Why does it take such a long time for funds to clear, I mean 2 weeks? It’s too long to wait!!

I think it should be reduced as sellers complete more gigs, and get good reviews…