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If you create a new gig and you make NO Sales in 1 or 2 months, what do you do?


What do you if you create a new gig and it doesn’t sale at all for about 1 or 2 months.

Do you keep the gig up and hope for a sale?

Do you tweak the gig in hopes that it will start to sale?

Do you delete it?

What do YOU do in this case?

A while ago, I delete about 4 of my gigs because they never made a sale since creation and they were created over a month or two ago. They weren’t the best gigs anyway.


I think it may be a in house decision who they really let get listed in the search level.

I have the same problem and I know my gigs are good I have been virtual 12years


It really depends on the gig. If it’s a novelty gig, you probably should delete it as it probably will never catch on. If it’s a tech gig, you might want to tweak it and keep it up, as someone might stumble on it and take a chance with you. You can try to promote it more also.


Do a research on fiverr look on what is selling well on fiver and see if that is a service you can offer.

Ask these questions

Do people want what i am selling?

Why would they want to buy from me?