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If you die, what happens to your fiverr?

Like if you die does your fiverr just delete itself or does a friend do it? or does it just sit there unattended?

This will surely impact your ratings negatively.

By all means you should try not to die.

Reply to @landongrace:

Angry buyers at your funeral is NOT the way to go.

I think it would sit there unattended.

But if you can possess someone you may be able to use it that way. :))

Reply to @zarafal: Ok, that’s funny! Maybe you can buy a gig for possession on Fiverr. “I will let your soul inhabit another seller for $5.” Reminds me of a forum post I saw where I guy was offering to resurrect dead people but he said you had to buy all his extras to get the best results. :smiley:

Reply to @fonthaunt:

That’s so funny. “For $5, I’ll only resurrect their arm.”

Your gigs will still be due and your ratings will probably suffer.

Reply to @sara1984: Does that mean “Thing” from the Addams family was created by a Fiverr seller who had to go all the way down to a hand?

You bring up an interesting point, because I thought that it would be good if we could designate another Fiverr or Fiverrs as partners. These could be subcontractors that could pick up your orders if you go on vacation. You could find really well rated newbies who want to level up fast to do this for you. Then, on that screen, you could set options like email addresses to be notified if you did not log in after a certain amount of time. Those people could then contact you to find out if you were all right, or if they knew you were in the hospital or dead, they could follow a link in the email and verify somehow with a security question or something to get into your account and either run it or delete it. How does this sound?

Reply to @webtelly: I know Facebook allows you to do that. That would be an especially good thing for Fiverr to have. Some buyers order a Gig before contacting the seller, so it would protect them from needlessly turning their money into Fiverr credit.

Not only would it be good for the case of someone dying, but if someone managed to hack into your account, having an affiliate could act as another layer of protection for your business. I assume, anyway. :slight_smile:

The funniest question on Fiverr! :)) :)) :))

Reply to @nivvie: I don’t think Fiverr is going to give out my personal information? I’m safe!

Reply to @webtelly: Could I sell my profile early, before I die…kind of like a reverse mortgage. Maybe still use my account, but get a payment every month?

Reply to @landongrace: I don’t believe their privacy policy extends to corpses :wink:

Reply to @nivvie: Since you can get a refund for any reason…“My Seller died, I need a refund on my Fiverr order” would work!


There apparently are 2 definitions of Heaven.

Sellers: I will be able to pour my heart into awesome products.

Buyers: I will be able to get awesome products, ask for multiple revisions and get the satisfaction of leaving negative feedback all while paying nothing. Wait…some of our buyers think they are already dead?

Reply to @zarafal: 8-X 8-X 8-X 8-X

Reply to @landongrace ,@webtelly,@maddisont,@darkhero :))

Reply to @landongrace: How long do we have until people who’ve bought from us try and pull this one? >.< Hilarious!