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If you do not get work around 60 days! How do you survive?

If you do not get work from fiverr around 60 days! How do you will survive? Who will pay your bills? Let’s drop your opinion as I am facing the same problem… Is Fiverr team need to care about!

It’s your and ONLY your responsibility.
If fiverr doesn’t work for you you should look for other ways to make money.

Why fiverr need to care about it?
It’s only your responsibility to pay your bills and figure out ways for that. Fiverr giving equal chance for everyone to showcase their work and portfolio and it’s only up to you want kind of service and quality you are offering, how you are marketing your gigs etc.

The thing is if I need to pay my bills I would never tell fiverr need to solve this issue I will go and find ways to earn that money no matter what.

In this world no only owes you anything and it’s up to you to deal with your problems.


“DO NOT PUT YOUR RESPONSIBILITIES ON SOMEONE ELSE.” :sunglasses: smart comment! But Still, your answer is not been clear madam! " If you do not get work from fiverr around 60 days! How do you will survive?" Let’s Bill I will pay myself :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Fiverr is just a market place to sell your services. Like in a real physical marketplace you’re the one who has to worry about your business. You won’t even blame a physical market place. If you’re not getting any business you will just close the business and move away.

Because there is no point. The market place is not going to pay your bills and rent.


Look, if you want me to tell you “I go to this place and do this and this” that’s not going to help you.
You are the one who need to figure out the ways on how to earn money.
And why would I give you my ways? So you would just come on everything ready and start earning there taking my share of clients? No thank you.

If you can’t earn online you always have an option to do low qualified jobs in real world while you working on setting up your portfolio online.

If you are in a real need I believe you will always find a way.

You create your own destiny and if you expect that someone else going to come here and tell you how to do it, then that’s not going to happen.


Do you like to close your business and move away; If you do not get any work from fiverr around 60 days!? Here I am a Level two seller and last month lost my level because of no sufficient work.:joy_cat:


My income from Fiverr dropped so bad. I am also a 2nd level seller. Didn’t get any order for weeks. I have still earned only $4 for April. I will lose my levels because a buyer cancelled an order after he got everything he mentioned in the buyer request but requested modification for a totally new requirement.

So I am looking for other ways to earn a living. I quit my job when I started working on Fiverr, but now I have to look for other ways.


“And I never said that someone else owes me something or that fiverr should take of my bills.” I know that well! Because Fiverr is not my brother :slight_smile: If he was my brother then sure try to listen the problem. And Here I am a Level two seller and last month lost my level because of no sufficient work. That’s all. Me too graceful on Fiverr because I am earning from here…So, sharing my problems ( If you do not get work from fiverr around 60 days! ) on the community; If any brother listens to me. :slight_smile:

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Don’t my brother try your best ! Discuss on community as like me ! If any Big brother can understand our problems it will be helpful. :wink:


Awesome comment. I commend you wholeheartedly for being the master of your universe and working hard for what you want!

It is not Fiverr’s responsibility to make you successful, nor to provide orders for you. You need to do the marketing, promotion, and gig maintenance to bring in your own customers. If you are not earning what you want, step up you efforts, or find something else that brings in the kind of income you need. It’s as simple as that.

You are not guaranteed sales and success here just because you want it. You are going to have to EARN your success, and so far, I haven’t read anything about any business strategies that you are pursuing to make that happen.

Fiverr’s tagline is, “In Doers We Trust”. What are you DOING to earn your sales and success?

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OK, so the question is how do you survive without any payment for 60 days??

Let me think…
Well, I’ve been in that situation before.

Just live your life normally while you look for work.
If you have enough savings, 2 months is not that much of a problem.
If you are nice and decent enough of a person, people around you will offer help.


@mariashtelle1 I appreciate you hardwork and also agree with you in all aspects except that of Taking your share of clients . No one can capture your clients who already have trust on you. And @samdotdesign may be selling services other than you so its not like :grinning: anyone in the market enters and get your share of clients unless your client is satisfied from you.

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Then I should call it “potential clients” if we are talking about specific words not the sentence in general.

And even then that wasn’t my point. My point: exactly what works for me wouldn’t work for him so there is no point of us sharing our ways

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I read your message again and I couldn’t find the meaning which you are trying to explain. Anyhow, I may have interpreted in the wrong manner.
No harsh feeling. :v:

  1. Don’t depend on Fiverr, try other platforms, too
  2. Get a job
  3. Start your own business
  4. Buy cheap items and sell them on eBay or Amazon for profit
  5. Since you offer to build an ecommerce site, build one for yourself, and combine points 3 and 4
  6. Since you state that you can do expert Facebook ads, do them for yourself (your Fiverr business, or the business you’ve started yourself)
  7. You offer to build a professional earning blog, build one for yourself and start earning

Those are just a few ideas, some general, some based on your Fiverr profile.

Keep in mind that you’re an adult, and it’s up to you to figure out how to earn and pay your bills. Comes with being an adult, unfortunately, unless there’s someone else paying your bills.


Go out to the real life and search for work who need soft skills.

Thanks brother for your big word! but did not told “If you do not get work from fiverr around 60 days! How do you will survive?” Suppose you was in the hospital! and unable to maintain your online presence !

If you were indeed in the hospital for 2 months that is very unfortunate, but again,
that is why we should always have a backup plan.
In other words, have enough saved where you can survive for a while ( like 60 to 90 days or so) with no problem in case something bad happens.

I think catwriter’s list is pretty darn good :slight_smile:


That is YOUR responsibility, not Fiverr’s. It is up to you to maintain your activity on Fiverr. Fiverr does not reserve a space for you in the search results just because you are away from Fiverr for a long time – no matter what the reason my be. Fiverr is only concerned with active sellers. Once you return to the site and become active again, you can work your way back into the “rankings”.

I’m sorry to hear of your medical issues, I hope you are able to recover quickly.