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If you do not get work around 60 days! How do you survive?


Here is how this site works:

  1. You make some gigs and put them on fiverr
  2. Fiverr shows your gigs to people
  3. Maybe someone wants to buy what you are selling, OR, maybe no one wants to buy what you are selling.

Who is to blame if no one wants to buy what you are selling? Fiverr?

It is not normal to go so long as 60 days without one sale unless there is something wrong with your gigs. And also, not everyone is meant to do online selling. It is possible that life has other plans for what you should be doing.

Why is fiverr team supposed to force people to buy your gig? They are not responsible for your life. You are. Find some other way to survive if this is not working.

I looked at your first gig description and see a big problem with it. It does not describe the exact thing you are offering. Instead you have a list of lots of things you can do, then tell them to message you.

You are supposed to offer something specific in your gig and tell EXACTLY what they will get when they order the gig. Yours is vague and does not say what they will get when they order. This is not how your description should be.
How can anyone place an order when you are not telling what you are going to do? Where are you telling what they get when they decide to click on the buy button?

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