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If you do this, you're a wonker. As in wonky. But badly spelled

  1. Don’t read anything. Gasp at value
  2. Order!
  3. “I dun’t realizings it was… opps ref me”
  4. "some made up wafffle to show that cancellation isn’t necessaty because showcase showcase showcase
  5. Radio silence.

Oh, cool. I have to spend my time unfixing YOUR furdup. I have to deal with the burrrshurr of your shurrr and waste my time

Oh, purr off you cat.


This type of tips r vary usefool for new cellars like me. Thanks for the tips. I am satis.




I is now confusioned. Are this tip for me or for buyer? I think I is liking it. Dear ma, can you pls chek my gig description? I af stay on the sight for 2 years now, no sells!


This specimen of a buyer is now ignoring my cancellation request. So I now have to waste even more time contacting CS.

I now declare him to be a twit as well as a wonker. The tip here is don’t be a twit and a wonker.


Vary nace tips. Are thises only for sallars or buyars too? Anyway me looving it.


It’s general life advice, really.