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IF you done order Then Why Your Positive Rating is going Donw? [CLOSED]

IF you done order Then Why Your Positive Rating is going Donw
Client Send me to a Offer them me Done work before time .Now a days i am new on fiverr
then me send attach file to Client .and feel Easy .But When Fiverr TIME out of my Gig Order .Send a mail why your order is going late/ Are you want to Cancel your order .
O ho ,what Happen then me find out what can i do
I search and Find out my probelm solution after End gig order time .Me send order through fiverr .then fiverr Said ok Fine
my probelm is that my my gig rating is 87% .On fiverr although client Responce is too Good
how can me increase my rating please
Experts TOP sellers/Buyers Comment me

You really need to work on your English, it’s difficult to understand you. You can increase your rating only by doing lots of good work and getting lots of 5 star reviews.

I see you speak English and French, and offer English to German translation through native Spanish speakers. I somehow doubt that these translations are going to be very good. Have you considered offering your own services that you are good at? Because your rating isn’t going to improve with gigs like this as compared to your alleged abilities as a translator. And no, Google Translate does not do a good job.

yes i am agreed .Google translator can not working properly /professional
but in other case check Client reviews is Good /Excellent than why rating is 87%
how can me increase this

Did you have any gigs that you deleted?

You can increase it by getting some more 5 star reviews.

None of the online translators are good and you risk getting more bad reviews if you use any of them. They produce mangled text that is very hard to decipher.

I also answered some of this on your other similar post. It is better to put these related issues into one post. Here is the one I responded to:

You have opened yet another new thread asking for similar help. This is is also therefore closed.

listen !
i can’t use any translators .I am professional translation
reviews of my client is Good .i have no bad review .my rating is going down due to late delivery but review of client is Good

I also answered this on your other post when you told me to “listen!” there. When you deliver late, even if the client doesn’t leave a bad review on purpose, the Fiverr system can leave a 1 star review. Obviously something drove your ratings below 90% so that may be it.

It has nothing to do with response rate which you mentioned in your other post. All your other reviews can be good and it only takes a small problem to push your overall rating down. Now, I’m not going to keep putting this information on two threads so the other one will be closed. You just need to calm down, get some more sales, get some more 5 star reviews and that will increase your rating.