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If you don't give FAQ

Will there be any problem if you don’t give FAQ while making the Fiverr gig?

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As a seller you have to do everything you can to protect your account from scam buyers and unexpected problems. An FAQ in your gig description can help protect you.

For example:

Question) What if I don’t like the design, can I cancel the order?
Answer). No. Any attempt by a buyer to cancel an order based on the design will be refused.


You don’t have to have FAQ. but read the reply from @english_voice

Check this out:

What to do if someone publishes a gig without writing FAQ?

You can publish a gig without writing an FAQ.

But the point I’m making is that unless your gig clearly explains what is and what isn’t provided as part of your service (and this is the job of an FAQ) - then you are opening yourself up to future problems should a buyer complain.


Can anyone add it after publishing the gig? How is this possible?

Yes, you can edit a gig after it has been published. This means you can add an FAQ at any point in the future. But good sellers protect their account from the beginning.

Also, many experienced sellers on the forum suggest you should only edit your gigs occasionally. It is better to do one major update rather than lots of little edits.

It is my understanding that every time you edit a gig it is removed from the searches while it is approved. You don’t want to do this too often.

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Is there any problem to rank gig when editing gig?
Your feedback will be of great benefit to everyone.

While you do not HAVE to put FAQ’s in your gig, I would strongly recommend doing so. One reason why is that you can answer simple questions, and let’s say you’re a video editor like me. One of my FAQ’s and answers was, “What programs do you use to edit my videos?” My response is, “I use Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects for video production.”

If the buyer knows what these programs are, (they probably do), they know that I am using top-notch programs and that raises their perception of me a little bit.

Another one I put was, “Are you fluent in English?” I said yes because I am a native speaker. Anyways, the point is that these increase buyer trust in you and also answer questions they might have

In summary, I would strongly suggest adding at LEAST 2 FAQ’s. More is better. No more than 7 or 8

Hope this helps! :wink: :slight_smile:

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Can anyone add it after publishing the gig?

Of course! You go to dashboard and click on your name. Then click on your gig and at the top of the page, click edit gig. This will take you to the edit page where you can edit the gig and add anything you want.

Make sure you save after finishing! Hope this helps!

Is there any problem to rank gig when editing gig?
Your feedback will be of great benefit to everyone.

Is there any problem to rank gig when editing gig?

At first, I wondered what the point was in having FAQs answered with my Gigs.

Then I kept getting asked questions that I thought were clearly explained in the Gig description. So, I added a few FAQs to match those questions.

In a few of my Gigs I have also included a question where the Buyer gets asked for information regarding the Gig.

One question is along the lines of: “Have you read the FAQs and fully understand what you are getting with this Gig?”

It has cut down on the number of times I’ve had to refer people to the FAQs…that’s the thing. You can have FAQs but not everyone is going to bother to read them.

@bokitar4167 editing gig will not affect SEO or ranking of gig at all, except if you edit the title, and this will only affect it minimally because when you create a gig, it gives you a URL. If you change the title dramatically, the URL might not make sense because it will be from the last title you put.

Again, this will barely if not at all affect the gig at all.

Your Question and answer: no, editing a gig will not affect it in the least bit. Feel free to edit the gig to your heart’s consent!

Hope this helps!

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Yes, you can add it after publishing your gig. Click on the ‘edit gig’ button. Click on the gig description and scroll down to add your FAQ.

However, as other sellers have explained, it is not mandatory. A lot of times, buyers don’t even read through them. They prefer coming into your inbox to inquire from you directly, as there is no way you would include all the questions any buyer may want to ask on the FAQ.

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@looseink , most serious buyers that want an outstanding performance done will look at the FAQ’s. That being said, some people do not look at them.

Yes! Saving time on Fiverr is key! This gives you time to focus on responding to orders and working on them. Time is key!

Hope this helps!

-Adrian Marin

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Yes, but I would advise it. Look at my explanation above and you’ll see why.

That you advised it doesn’t make it mandatory. The most important thing is to be specific in your gig description and prices. Most sellers don’t go through the FAQ.

Thanks for your valuable advice.