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If you earnt $5,000 in a month on fiverr what would you buy with it?


With a little hard work it seems that it is possible hit 5k a month on fiverr, if we believe other posters, and I’m a trusting guy so I do. So if you earnt $5,000 in a month on fiverr what would you buy with it? Your reply doesn’t have to be “A new TV” or anything material, although for a lot of us it is, for others it’s the ability to pay a gas or electricity bill and often that’s what’s most important. Just share what you’d spend it on to change your life or even someone else’s

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Pay off my Student Loan… Kinda boring but hey aha


My husband & I could find a place of our own. We recently moved in with a couple of ladies & that was a big step for us, after a difficult 15 months prior to that. Definitely having our own space again would be great. I’m able to put more time into my projects now, so, $5000 could certainly be possible. Hope everyone receives all they need.


I would travel some and learn and expand my spirituality. I’m thinking India maybe…


Reply to @speciallity: ahh thank you for that reminder. I need to do it too, its a party pooper aint it? :frowning: