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To @writer99025 Dude, what time do you usually come to the forum? I know you come at random time. But I´d like to show you something. Not now, later after I feed my dogs.


Alright, done with the mutts. Anyway, so dude, @writer99025 I was in India many years ago, if I remember it correctly it was in 2001, before digital era. It was only a short visit. I have more photos and all the negative. I wanted to just scan them but my scanner is kaput. Thus, instead I just used this way to show u a few of the photos - whateva. After so many years, I plan to visit India again this year. I want to visit that place the female Indian seller told me last time. OMG I can´t even remember her username. I can´t remember the name of the place she told me. All I remember is, she is beautiful and very smart and speaks English very well. I remember when she told me about that place I looked it up and fell in love with that place. You were there too when we had the conversations. A little help to remember the name of the place she mentioned would be nice. Thanks.


You are referring to @shilpityagi_eco Yeah, they are all famous spots in North India - Agra. Taj Mahal obviously. I have seen the rest of them as well, but forget their names.


A rather disappointing summary from someone who has a whole gig about Indiaji, writerji? What is ji anyway?

I am being curious and mean.


“ji” is a mark of respect Emmakiji. And yes, I am the resident India expert on Fiverr :slight_smile: (“India” is a country,not a person, so no “Indiaji” …) [and I am perfectly nice as always :slight_smile: ]


I would never criticize you manners. How would you say Indiaji though? There must be a suffix for this?


There is no “Indiaji”, there was one “Indiraji” just as now there is “Modiji”, but no “Indiaji”. [That’s like referring to Greece as “Sir Greece” or “Madam Greece”.


@writer99025 Ah, yes it´s her, I remember now. Thanks, fren. I was not talking about the areas in India I had visited though, LOL. I was trying to remember that place that @shilpityagi_eco recommended. I want to visit that area some time this year. :slight_smile:


Rishikesh, I think…if the water situation in Bangalore gets any worse, I will buy property there. One of the most beautiful places in India. Now, under BJP government :slight_smile:


@fitrigwrites4u mentions beautiful girl



Check these out as well,

It’s the same fort which is shown in Dark Knight Rises (Bane’s den).


@writer99025 Yes! Yes! That one! I Googled it just now, that´s the one. Thanks again, fren :relaxed:


@silkroute Everyone would agree that she is beautiful, and I had conversations with her and Writer a while back about India :slight_smile:


One of these days, writer, we shall have modfreeji forum, blessed by Shiva.

You just ruined this magical momentji with your property investment tallk.

Greece does as it’s told. Just as well its citizens are like meji.




You can tell he is thinking that he’s built better sandcastles before though. In between being a psychopathic banker and the other thingji.

If anything, he’s worried about the weather forecast.


Christian Bale, a vastly underrated actor. Wasted potential. Should have been the greatest superstar, lost his way.


can someone be vastly underrated and a wasted potential and Batman?



@emmaki LOL


Yes, but I don’t want to take any chances. My nosy self and @anjylina are on a noble mission. It is a story for another time.

I compiled a list of other nice places for you.

Mostly forts with water bodies. There was a time when these waters were populated with crocodiles. Not now. Now they are inhabited by schools of colorful fis… nothing. Inhabited by nothings. Nothings with slim, colorful bodies and fins.

All you need is some patience and a water bottle…


@silkroute Oh my gosh! They are breathtaking! Thanks man. I´m okay with no more crocodiles, LOL.