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If you have a gig on 1st page search results, when was the last time you got an order?

I’m curious for some statistics, since fiverr has changed something in the algorithm and apparently not just me, but many of you have had no orders for at least 2 weeks.

I have many orders, half of them great performing. I have one gig that is on first page in relevant search, get’s 5k impressions, is my best seller gig. Last order I had was 16 days ago.

Are you also suffering with no sales suddenly?


I only joined fiver about a week or so ago… when I joined I got my first 2 orders in the first 2 days… I thought wow this is working great. I completed their orders and received 5 star feedback and now my gig is on the first page and I am getting good impressions and views but I have received no more orders :frowning:

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Welcome to the boat buddy, I’ve heard many people mention this. You are quite new so it might just be the beginning phases that are not very streamlined, but something really off is happening with not receiving orders. And it’s not like some average bad day/bad week, it’s absolute zero of anything. Like I had 4 orders at once one day and the next it got cut like a knife ever since.


Same here.I have one gig in 1st page but no order for the last four days.


The search page does not work for me. When I enter keywords, the system does not display the results. Anyone has the same issue?


Yes, sounds familiar.

Not really, it does work for me. However, most of the gigs are hard to pinpoint in the sea of pages.

@artatei I looked for your best selling gig on the first page and it was not there.

Remember that where you see it may not be where others see it. And it constantly moves around.


It’s now 3rd on the second page -.- I do know it moves around, it’s just quite consistently been a good performer. Either way, still silent on that gig.

Yes, I am also suffering from this situation. After fiverr changed algorithm my gigs threw to the last page we use all the filters. I don’t know what’s happening with me. I am LEVEL 2 seller and I m struggling on fiverr since 20 days.

I am doing promotion on social media and getting orders from buyer requests. But no single order directly from my gigs.

Please anyone suggest?


Is this still happening? For me it turned around since a week or so ago and orders are coming in!

Last order I had yesterday

I am fortunate enough to have mine on the first page and I got my last order today :slight_smile:

There are many reasons why sellers get orders in such a feast or famine way and having a dead period doesn’t mean there is something wrong with the algorithm.

When you complete an order, that may change your ranking.

Fiverr tends to switch up rankings. During your high-order periods Fiverr is probably deliberately making you more visible (the algorithm is, I mean)

There are so many other factors, including buyer demand.