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If you have lot of orders in Queue your will be removed


A new update has been introduced to Fiverr. If you have lot of orders in Queue your will be removed from the search result. Has anyone observed this?


Yes, I have seen this. You can also manage this in your gig settings. Go to gigs > click on your gig > turn on ‘LIMIT ORDERS IN QUEUE’ and select the maximum. So now, if the orders start to get heavy, you can always turn that on anytime so it will limit your orders for that gig.

Hope this helped! :slight_smile: :wink:


This will help but most likely we fear when Gig is removed from search or we put vacation mode on our gig might never retain the place it had.


Yes, a few other people have reported this issue. It seems to be normal and not utilized often. The person that spoke about it extensively on the forum had problems with long queues and late for near-late deliveries, so Fiverr stepped in. I’m not saying that’s the only situation they might do it in, but apparently, they sometimes make a call based on something they see. Not much you can do about it as far as I know.


Well, not much, other than delivering quickly. :slight_smile:

One of the reasons for this might also be that some sellers wait with deliveries, even though they could deliver faster, because they’ve read somewhere that they will get more orders if buyers see that they already have many in the queue.


I think this may have happened to me. I had no idea this was happening. I often have many smaller orders and a few larger orders. This is really unfortunate if this is happening. :frowning:


By looooooooooots of order fiverr means 5 orders are too much to handle on a gig?
Gigs are disappearing after 5+ order. This is INSANE!


This also happened to me, my 2 gigs appear then disappear, this driving me crazyyyy


This does not sound like the same issue. Fiverr specifically sends you a notice if you are deliberately removed. It’s not common and it typically happens to busy sellers with lots of orders in queue.


Hello Maddie, hope you’re having a good day!

I have a question if you please help me out with. I sometimes misjudge how long the project will take me to finish. I’ve been lately requesting extend in the delivery A LOT of times. Usually, I request a revision before the order meets the deadline with like 9 hours or more.

Sometimes, the buyer doesn’t have the time to reply to my request that soon & unfortunately, the order becomes marked as late until the buyer responds to it. So my question here is, will it be marked as late and affect my gig or since the buyer accepted the request, it’s not going to be marked as late?

Thank You!


Hi @youssefkamel! I am not staff, so I can’t be 100% sure but I am fairly sure about this. As far as I know, the buyer MUST answer the extension request in order for the order to be considered on-time. There are no exceptions that I know of. It can also affect you negatively if you over-use extension requests, but it’s a much bigger problem if your order is marked late.

If you find yourself misjudging time that much, I would strongly suggest that you make your delivery times longer at least until you get a better idea of how long it takes you to do things Being late can lower your search ranking, cause loss of levels, etc.

You could make your delivery time longer in general but add a note to your gig descriptions and FAQs to encourage potential buyers to contact you if they need something faster. Most buyers aren’t in such a rush, but that way you could make a custom offer (perhaps for a few extra dollars or perhaps as a courtesy) with a shorter deadline for buyers in a hurry. :slight_smile:


Thank you so much, I indeed made my delivery times longer now. I’ve been extending delivery times a lot lately so I had to do something to stop that from happening any more.

Once again, thank you Fonthaunt! :blush:


You are welcome! :wink: