If You Need Articles, Remember that Thin Content Will Only Damange Your Website


Hello Everyone!

Being an SEO Expert and an Article Writer, I want to share with you guys an important tip. If you are on Fiverr to get some content or articles written, be very careful while selecting the writers.

You should try to find the writer, who writes to the point and crisp content. You don’t want to hire someone who will keep beating about the bush. Latest updates from Google are very strict on this matter. I have seen some websites who got hit by the Google penalty because of thin content.

If you are wondering what thin content it, it is the content full of duplicate filler lines. It doesn’t talk about the real subject but keeps talking about unnecessary stuff.

If you need some really good, to the point and well researched content, you can contact me. I will be glad to help you.


I’ve seen a lot of what you call “thin” content in writing that I’ve proofed and copyedited. It’s so difficult! It’s not only done by copywriters but by students who are trying to get the word count their teacher wants. Luckily, I don’t edit much student work because I don’t like to help them cheat. :frowning:


Reply to @writerlisaz: Exactly! I hired a couple of guys who promised to write superb content. Their vocabulary was good. But they were just repeating the same thing over and over in each paragraph. There was no flow in the writing. Such content never helps.


I’ve gotten a few articles from sellers here as well and I agree. Tends to be a lot of repetition and little substance, like @writerlisaz says, seems they’re just getting the wordcount up! But then it’s cheap, so not sure if I should keep my expectations in check!

I ended up using the articles as a starting point for myself in the end!