If you need some Professional Graphical design - Hit me up :)


Hello guys,

I would like to promote some of my gigs. But lets start with the basic introduction. My name is Lazar, also known as YoHProgrammer here at Fiverr.
I am a certified graphical designer, and I am willing to use my skills to help others in promoting their ideas, companies, causes or what ever else you choose.
It may sound like i am full of hot air, BUT, I can literally make anything in Photoshop / Illustrator. So I am not limited by the basic design that any designer here at fiverr is making, no, I can make flyers, pamphlets, book covers, album art, business cards, logos, 3d logos, all types of illustrations, Portrait silhouettes, Raster to Vector, colouring, reediting, Colour correction, Digital art, Abstract digital art, making dreams come to life… And all types of Video editing and SFX (Special Effects).
I am an expert in almost all Adobe programs, preferably Photoshop, illustrator, premiere, after effects…
To make a long story short, contact me and lets make some stuff :).

I would be more than thankful if you guys could help a Fiverr brotha out by giving me a shoutout or recommending me to your friends. Thank you!!

My gigs:

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