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If You Ran Fiverr for a week, What Would You Change?


If you ran Fiverr for a week, what would you change?

Me: I would allow communication via Fiverr that is equivalent of Facetime or Skype. Even if it is just an Audio conversation.



Allow refunds to be truly refunded, not a credit on fiverr!

Having zero success with buying gigs, and now I have a bunch of credit here that I doubt will ever be used.

Might as well have set fire to the $70 fiverr is holding in my account.


@rpmcars. I am sorry to hear that. What kinds of services did you need?


None from fiverr, I just want my money back in my wallet - not fiverr’s.

  1. fix the response bug

  2. allow sellers to choose whether or not to use packages

  3. put my gigs on the top row :slight_smile:


I am SO with you with #2!!!
I really hope they get rid of it someday!!!


I will change my user name :smiley: :smiley:


Nothing. Fever is not perfect, in fact, there is a lot wrong with this platform, but it is still the best there is. I wouldn’t change a thing - except maybe support for PayPal chargebacks.


Clueless people and garden variety morons for me. But that would be a world change, rather than Fiverr, soo.

  1. A barrier when placing an order (My Fav one)
  2. change the new update about order completion %. Mutual cancellation should not and never hurt seller’s profile
  3. Check the above two.


Too many to list tbh.
Regarding your desire for a Fiverr equivalent of facetime or skype, someone asked the CEO this in a Q&A on Twitter and he said something along the lines of we are looking at this already so perhaps it is in the pipeline.


I would allow more open discussion on the forum. I think banning politics is important though.


Hm just a week, well then i would grab some coffee spiced with caffeine pills and start with the following:
• Dump the anonymous policy.
This would bring accountability and open up the platform for a variety of freelancing work that’s currently not possible.
• Allow adding expenses (require receipts) then take the platform fees from the profits.
• Remove the limit on shipping fees.
• Add some basic bookkeeping tools.
• Improve on informing members about tos changes.
• Dump the whole paid visibility feature and focus on a fraud insurance feature instead. Perhaps sell insurance per job and make it optional (something like pay 5% and your covered for this job in case of chargeback fraud etc)
• Rethink the star system and make the rating process as simple and quick as possible for buyers.


Will :-
Allow sellers to Feature their gigs on homepage atleast once in a month with higher margin comission. So new sellers would be able to make sales easily

Reduce processing fee and reduce commission percentage upto 10% for Level 1 sellers and new sellers respectively, So new sellers would earn a bit more

Apply fee for payout processing $1 approx would be fine on each transaction 66000 or $1000 whichever is higher* So only rich faces will pay

Setup real experts team for Terminating any seller selling copyright material in any manner (This is a good step for keeping site clean and secure)

This team will also review each profile in order to check previously sold things, if finds something fishy will be suspended and on confirmation termination

Let people keep their tips as it as, If found cheating in it will be suspended

Shorten the clearance period or can remove it completely not sure

Optimize fiverr app for iPad Pro

Some more this is all i can think for now :slight_smile:


Absolutely disagree. People would take advantage of the Fiverr system 100%.


Just like now they could try but it only works on sellers who encourage such behavior by agreeing to cancel in fear of anything less than a perfect score.


Wow, that’s a very good question, I would like to change a lots of things like:

  1. Banning all questionable gigs (Like selling wishes, spells, stars and other imaginary stuff which people actually believes in, personally I find them completely useless and scamming) just my opinion
  2. Create Fiverr platforms for all countries, languages around the world for example (Romania) and let all the people from those countries to sell gigs in their own language and not only English
  3. Daily FEATURE different, good and quality gigs. I see some featured gigs for months since I’ve joined here. It would be great to also see others gigs featured
  4. Create special boosts for LVL2 sellers and top rated to boost once a day one gig in the top searches
  5. Focus more on mobile/tablet apps. People use more often their devices than PCs to order so this should be a priority to let them order easily and get what they want in no time


That’s prejudiced. It’s wrong to make such assumptions. People actually believe in lots of different things. They are allowed to do that.


Just a week? Hm…

Buyers Request
I would fix buyers request system so that only genuine job requests get posted and spammers ousted. Would also assign a 3-5 person team to each category so its not all on a single person or one group. Add a section for large projects for when Buyers are looking for more than one person to help get the work done, they can post everything at once instead of in several different posts. I would also have ‘Buyers Request’ properly translated into as many languages as possible.

Payment System
Enact a system that provides a balance of sorts between buyers and sellers. Something similar to escrow where funds will only be released once work is successfully delivered and confirmation of such is provided by BOTH parities [buyer and seller]. This should hopefully enable faster payouts and processing times.

Rating System
Keep it as simple as possible. Maybe enable a smiley face system, similar to thumbs up/down, where you have a :slight_smile: , :neutral_face: , :worried: or :rage:. After the rating a critique can be left for the seller; no secret message box.


I would install a secret police and a TRIPLE FUN REVIEW measure:

  1. Normie Review: "garfixdesinger was excellent, ***** A+ recommend on time and a cool dude to work with.
  2. Staff Review: “Actually he sucked but I wasn’t sure until you popped up this second review box and now I think something must be wrong with what he did as he’s under 2 reviews? Wowo… can I change my review?”
  3. Satan Tier: I’m scared Mummy! I want a refund and I want to go home and I wish I’d never started this whole thing!

This will be a fantastic success as it will let Fiverr see what our buyers are truly thinking outside the desparate begging of of our serfs sellers, all while maintaining a quality level of service for our buyers.

In addition to this brilliant idea from Ideas Q. Masterson, we will also be implementing a psychology test based on Myers-Brigg. This short questionnaire will only take 20 minutes to fill out after each successful gig completion, and also enable our metrics to improve even further, allowing us to better match up our sellers and buyers, refining those results with each task done, from $5 to $5000.

Finally, we are thrilled to be introducing a whole lot of new metrics that mean absolutely nothing to anyone, but scare and intimidate out sellers as a part of our ongoing nefarious psychological experiment to see how much you can squeeze out of a stone.

Also, we’re going to send a sleeper cell into the forum to ask questions such as “what changes would YOU like to see” to make the guinea pigs feel like this is a democratic website where their opinons truly are valued, with an occasional interview with the CEO on Twitter, and of course, continue with our tea break strategy.

The results so far have been very successful. We will soon be able to move onto part IV of the masterplan, mein, uh, my leader.