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If you saw this advert on Fiverr, as I just did, what services would you think Fiverr offers?

This is when you Google “Product Reviews Fiverr”.

They LITERALLY pay for Google AdWords for ‘Product reviews’ keyword.


I am not letting this rest. My warning is silly. You can’t advertise a service then punish sellers who offer a service like that.


I got 9 results. 1 & 9 were for fiverr directly while the rest were for forums, blogs and one article to a past fiverr situation years ago. The wording of the ad throws off the gigs below and immediately sends an unintended message.

Testimonials are reviews too, so I don’t get why they aren’t removed.

Wow, obviously they are allowed then so the warning not to do them was wrong.

Yes. I have messaged the head customer support dude (who took over the ticket), so I am seeing what he says. I am hoping there is now enough evidence here that I didn’t do anything wrong. I have a feeling he has finished work for the day, though! So, hoping I get a decent response tomorrow. For now, he promised I won’t be banned for a short while and encouraged me to work on gigs.


So this was what you were told was not allowed because even though it’s not in the TOS the editors decided not to allow it? Even though there is a promotion of these services?

It sounds like there is a lack of communication among various departments.

Yes. i was told no product reviews, which is why I got the warning (the head of CS stated this again, dropping the gig extension thing), They said it is against editorial policy.

Now, this worries me because they may decide something else is against editorial policy later on down the line and nobody gets informed.

If they are warning me for product reviews, then they need to get rid of ALL gigs which reference them, testimonial gigs, all forms of copywriting etc. etc.

I am HOPING he comes to his senses and removes my warning and restores my level.

I think they must be confused about this in customer service, not realizing that what is not allowed is POSTING reviews on sites such as Amazon, but that simply writing them is ok.

Obviously it IS allowed.

That is what I made clear to them. The lady even says they are for posting on her own website. Yet, three customer service reps can’t see that.

Seeing that advert you sent them should straighten them out as long as they can admit they were wrong.

Customer support love admitting they were wrong cough

Although, to be fair I have had one warning removed in the past.

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Have you tried using the term “testimonial” when explaining what happened rather than saying you wrote a product review? It all sounds like a crazy misunderstanding. I hope you get it sorted out soon.

This comes up as an organic result, not an AdWords ad.

Yeah. Sorry. The guy who originally sent it to me said it was a Google ad. I checked afterwards.

But they have a page, so they clearly accept it.

Yes, they indeed totally have a page with banner screaming it from the roof top for it.

You have to type it in quotations in order to see the ad at the bottom of the page.

Nah. Apparently I can get punished for something Fiverr advertises as a service to buyers. I am SO confused.

Yeah, one of my gigs too denied by Fiverr a couple of months ago just because I was providing Product Review writing service :frowning:

They have now backed down and agreed that the content that I was offering is fine to offer BUT they will not remove the warning. They have stated that my warning wasn’t really for that, even though the warning clearly states it was for that. He says it is for using the gig extension feature too often. HOW IS THAT A WARNING OFFENCE?

The head of CS never popped back up to answer the ticket, one of the newer staff did,

So, in reality, I lost my level for something that isn’t even against Fiverr terms of service, a decision which could likely cost hundreds of dollars as I do not appear in searches.

I canceled several gigs because I was told not to offer reviews, losing a substantial amount of cash. Gigs I didn’t even need to cancel, no doubt annoying some customers, customers whom I have worked with for a LONG time.

And, turns out I didn’t do anything wrong. lol.

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Apparently, I will keep the warning.

The manipulation comes from using the gig extension feature too often (which I was told to use to prevent article theft on the larger orders). I extended a gig to 31 days using this system and the limit as per Fiverr terms and conditions is 30 days, hence the demotion of my gig. It is just a silly little thing. Firstly:

  1. Do not tell me to extend the bloody gig. You are warning me for EXACTLY the same gig you told me to extend.
  2. Have your system BLOCK people extending beyond 30 days if it is SOOOOOOOOO important that gigs do not take longer than 30.

This is the TOS:

“Services that extend beyond 30 days of service duration”

But, I am not offering a service that goes beyond 30 days of duration, am I? I am offering a service that is delivered at a point and that point it is completed. My interpretation of that rule is you can’t say:

“I will offer SEO services for 60 days”

That would be against the ToS, not taking longer than 30 days on a larger order.

I don’t believe 1 day has cost me my level. That is ridiculous.

It is all well and good the people making these decisions having a stable income, no doubt furiously cheering at a power trip or whatever. No decision they make can possibly cost them hundreds of dollars overnight. They will turn up to work at Fiverr in the morning and still get some money.

Decisions like this need to be made by 3-4 people, not some chap deciding on a whim “you know what. I can’t help with this person, so let’s warn Ryan instead”

The thing that annoys me is that they DO NOT need to offer an account warning. They can just say “please don’t do that again”. But no.