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If you saw this advert on Fiverr, as I just did, what services would you think Fiverr offers?

I thought the warning had to do with the ban but the level is related to the requirements on the levels page? I might be confused too, but I thought under level 0 was “Maintain a 4 star rating and above”, level 1 was 4.5 stars and for level 2 it says “Maintain a high star rating (4.7-5 star rating)”. TRS seems to just have some stuff about manual selection.

On the other hand, until I actually really studied the levels page I would have said it was super clear but now that I’ve looked at the arrows underneath each level, it is actually somewhat confusing.

The review thing is also weird. What I’ve explained on the forum as a moderator is that Fiverr doesn’t allow the sale of paid product or book reviews posted on Amazon. I’ve also noticed that gigs that mention Amazon at all tend to get easily denied, so I’ve suggested to people that it’s better not to recommend that buyers use their delivery on Amazon, although I don’t think that part is spelled out in the rules anywhere. I thought that sellers were still allowed to write review or overview content as long as they don’t recommend posting it on specific sites that prohibit it, also including ones like Yelp.


On the second warning, you are demoted a level. It is then restored after 30 days.

The list on the levels page is weird. In reality, you have to maintain a ranking between 4.7 and 5 stars to become a TRS. It is a weird ‘path’ system and it is not laid out correctly. The things ‘below’ the level are what you need to qualify for the next level. Thankfully, I still qualify for Level 2, so I will be back in 30 days BARRING some silly new rule that I don’t know about.

It actually wasn’t the review thing in the end, despite them insisting it was. It was a weird technicality. According the ToS, you can’t have a gig with a timeframe over 30 days. When I got backed up, I extended the largest gig in my queue to a time frame of 31 days. It was delivered on the 31st day. This resulted in the account warning as it was a breach of the terms of service IF I had just let it go late (and this was a regular customer, so I should have done), I would not have received a warning an account demotion.

The way I read the rule is different to the way CS reads the rule. It says something like you can’t offer a service that lasts more than thirty days. So, for instance, you can’t say “I will do SEO for 60 days” as that wouldn’t work. It is against the TOS. I don’t think doing something I am told to do should be against the TOS (they told me to extend when I got backed up)

I, literally, would have lost less money having everybody cancel for late delivery instead.

In my opinion, if you can’t extend beyond 30 days, DO NOT let the system do this for you and certainly do not let your customer service agents advise you to offer a gig extension.

Well, you discover all of the strangest ways to get “in trouble.” More to learn from, I suppose. :brain:

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It is the weirdest rule imaginable.