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If you want more gigs...(not a Seller)


I’m a buyer on Fiverr, and I am always amazed at the poor grammar & misspellings on MOST of the ads on Fiverr, even the ones that claim to correct your grammar & misspellings. You want more gigs? Get someone who is fluent and intelligent in the English language to fix your ad. If I had the time, I’d do it myself and charge…I don’t know…maybe $5. Probably won’t be back in the forum, but I thought you all should know.



Thanks! Always great to get a Buyers opinion.


I am poor to English too. I was born in Albania,the first language is Albanian,but I get English lessons.I know that I am just a noob in English! But this is a good opinion as a buyer!Thank you.


I am Moroccan. I can speak Arabic and French and just a little English. I use “Google Translate” for my Gigs. The main thing is that the message is understood. :)>-