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If you want positive reviews to your buyers and also tip, so apply This

Hi, If you want positive reviews to your buyers and also tip, so apply that’s strategy

1-Give The fast response to your buyer
2- Always communicate with your buyer very very politely
3-Give the quality of work
4-Give unlimited revisions
5-Give the special offer to your buyer as a gift

Every New seller need follow it

Nice. Thanks for Share.

Offering something to the buyer more than your actual gig’s requirement also makes the buyers happy.
I offer 1080p as a gig extra but once I gave it free to one of my buyers and he was really excited to get it.

Unlimited revisions? Give the special offer to your buyer as a gift? why not work for free then? If we all do this it will drive the cost lower than $5 ($4 actually) I do like good reviews/ratings but I will not work with unreasonable buyers. Do not ever shortchange your self. You cannot expect others to value your work if you yourself don’t. Just my two cents.

Give your customers more than their expectations and within their budget.

Work for free basically, for 5$ give them for free extras and make unlimited revisions for ever. You will be working to earn 5$ a week.

I believe when you tip your buyer a gift he will surely leave a positive review and may also tip you back. That is how it do and am just 17 days old on fiverr and am getting big orders.

I will share my little story to you then :slight_smile: My gig is about Photoshop. I am a graphic designer (a real graphic designer btw, not just download Photoshop and offer my service here). One day a customer of mine ordered a gig ($5). I did it and delivered. He politely asked one more photo to edit because he was happy with the first one. He is not paying for the second time. I did it without hesitation because it is not so hard work and can be done within 10 minutes. He marked the order finished! He gave me a positive and a best review. Then he left me a $25 TIP.

That is not just once btw.

Most of the time, it’s not about how good you are at working. It is surely and always how you entertain a customer, how good you are at communicating with them, how fast you response with them, talking with them politely and the rest is just addition.

my selling stopped … i got a warning … what i have to do now?

Contact Fiverr support :slight_smile:

Agree with all other points than unlimited revisions as that’s a guarantee no mortal can make.
Other than that lifetime revisions are fine as long as you limit the amount of free revisions.

5-Give the special offer to your buyer as a gift ??? What does this mean?

I agree with @artportraits, and I also see your point @spackle.
The issue is that in some gigs, revisions may take way more than 10 minutes. If a revision will take more than 30-45 minutes, I think the buyer should be willing to order another gig. I am fairly new to fiverr, and I have come across AMAZING buyers. I give many buyers more than they pay for. However, I have also encountered a few buyers who I later realized were trying to take advantage of the system. One person once gave me instructions (which I clarified before starting) and after I spent hours working on the gig, changed his instructions, asking me for more.

Summary- While I believe in stellar customer service, I would not recommend that a seller gives unlimited revisions especially if they are very time-consuming, and if they go against previous instructions (or are related to new information that the buyer could have provided in the first place).

some great information. thanks here.


I think the key here is that there needs to be some give and take.

We’ve all had Buyers that try to take advantage of us, and certainly no one is suggesting that you pander to people like this.

On the other hand, there’s something to be said for surprising your customers. The kind of “delight” that you can give someone by going above and beyond can make a huge difference in your sales, reputation, tips, the whole shebang. I think this is what @spackle is alluding to in his comment, and it’s a great point.

So we must be slaves to our masters? AW **** NO!

Be professional. The end. Don’t bend over backwards while tugging forelocks, doffing caps and exuding simpering gratitude that you’re getting pennies from some **** who wants the world with cherries on the top for a mere $5!

BE PROFESSIONAL. The rest is just ridiculous.

I agree, I have similar experience too. When I posted my opinion. I’m not discounting good customer relations as an ingredient if you want to succeed. And good customer relations is not just giving away freebies every time, as you have stated in your story.

agree, thumb up

Do not give a free gift.
Do not give unlimited revisions! You do not need to be this desperate.