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If you want to increase you sell. And want more tip from your buyer

This is one thing that I noted as a level 2 seller. If you want more sales and tip. Just deliver the order ASAP. And ask the buyer if he wants any modification And after completing the order must share your other gigs with your buyer,

Best of luck

I agree. These are excellent tips.

yes thats true, i always try my best to deliever before deadline event after sale i give support to my buyers regarding the task i performed. even sometime for my repeating buyer i do task even before they place the order.

Thank You!

Some buyers get angry if you deliver too fast.

This isn’t a bad tip, but it doesn’t take into account “interesting people”. I have long lead times for most my gigs (10 days on average) but old buyers, the ones who I’ve had since day 1, they get fast work cheap. Guaranteed good review and we’re pretty much friends at this point. As the saying goes, don’t forget those who helped you on your way up!

I think they love to get fast Work.Till now I haven’t had a Buyer who got angry on Delivering Over fast.

Sure, normal people love getting good work fast. But there’s always someone awkward… :smiley:

They do love it fast. Soon we may all be able to raise out base prices. Some already can.

What is your Record for the Fastest one? :smiley:

But Mostly People got Confused on the Packages plus Increased Base Price. I have a new gig which Starts from ‘25$’ and i had just one Buyer right now.

Right,Deliver it ASAP,you buyer will be stunned with that quick turnaround and will you more tip than your order.

I am new to Fiverr. I am a professional web developer. I had made few sales too. But the problems is that peoples here offering services at very low price. So how i can make good sales with relavity higher price?

I am new and i want to increase my sales but i got only 3 orders from last 3 months . what I do for more orders . please any one can help me in my this problem.

I’m pretty new myself, but I think I can give you a very simple answer to that, that’s at least working for me: Simply don’t focus too much on those sellers that offer much for less. This will put you under stress and you might forget to concentrate on your own service.
Just try to conituously improve your service, your gig description and title, provide excellent customer service and communication to your buyers or leads and you will be rewarded.
If your service and support are excellent people will pay higher prices. Not all buyers are looking for the cheapest solution. They want quality and a reliable seller in the first place.

nice.Thank you

Trade secret, mate :wink:

I take my time with my orders, if I rush I’m more likely to mess up tbh.

Here is an example. My translation price is 300 words for $5. It is cheap, yes but there are people offering 1000 words for $5. I don’t know how they can do that because in any currency that is dirt cheap.

Find a price that you are willing to work with and the buyers will find you. I always get work and I certainly don’t have the lowest price.

I will tell you my fastest. I completed the gig before the buyer placed the order so as soon as he booked, I delivered.

I confess, it was a regular buyer and I knew he was going to book once he got my offer.

nah!! it won’t be fast that’s why you are saying like that :smiley:

Its good although it was your Regular buyer i won’t do that ever either its a regular buyer or not. What if they refuse to do so or they said they don’t want it right now or anything. so i won’t go with it. But its your Business Dear :slight_smile: