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If you want to rank your gig? I will help you 🎯

Hello brother? sister. :slightly_smiling_face:
If you want to rank your gig then follow it.

  1. Try to sent 10 offers in regular
  2. Description must be attractive ( that’s why buyer will be hire on your bit)
  3. Make gig attractive with SEO
  4. Gig images should be in right way
    If you are not understand my text then see my gig. Hope you will be understand to seeing my gig

Please response this if it is helpful…

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Seriously? Want to boost up your clicks by a misleading link? Tsk tsk.


Dear sister,
I was able to bring these to my gig rank by following these. Hopefully if you follow these then your gig and rank will come up.
Thank you.

First of all, I’m not your sister, brother or dear.
Secondly, I’m talking about links and not about the four tips that are below it. Tips are, by today’s mark, can be considered as part of a mantra for every seller. But it’s nice to know that others continue to spread the awareness about them.


Thank you very much for tell this.
Take care…

don’t spread myth on fiverr. buyer request will not help you to rank your order. buyer request is just for getting order with direct communication. it never helps you to get rank.

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I have been sending buyer request for ages, no order