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If You Want to Waste Your Time, This is How to Do It Most Efficiently

Dear buyers, please be a little bit more realistic when you post a request so you don’t waste your time.

I know everyone can set their own budget for whatever service they want, but come on! I mean, this is beyond reason and is completely ridicilous!


These people are the most likely to try and cancel or charge back on an order. They also make orders themselves feel like interning for a few hours with Satan.

This is why Fiverr needs to impose a minimum $20 budget per project on BR. Some might be against that. However, at present, buyer requests is really just an international desperado matchmaking service.


You’ve removed the buyer’s username but you’ve left his profile picture in the image. If we’re not supposed to call out buyers like this maybe you should remove his profile picture from the image.


Done. Thank you for letting me know.

Could just as well be a seller trying to offer himself or herself as the talented person instead of an unrealistic buyer, by the way, but, of course, it could be a buyer too, only the ones who applied will know. Or not, the conversations I’ve had with some people pretending to want to buy my gig while actually trying to sell me theirs could take quite a while until I could finally make them confirm that … :wink: