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If you were a buyer, would you buy my gig?


Hi guys
Im a software desktop developer and i need a piece of advice.
If you need a software, and found my gig, would you contact me/buy from me ?

What should I change ? add ?

Here is my gig :

Thanks for your time :ok_hand:


Your gig is nice Hope will get more sell soon.


Thank you so much for your time!!


I have a quite considerable experience in desktop software development., i use a very powerful environment that allows me to develop apps very quickly and efficiently. You need desktop apps shaped just for your needs and you find yourself running out of time or under pressure, im certainly your guy. I can transform all your manual and exel works into desktop applications with a beautiful Interface

  • Don’t use “considerable experience”. Try to be more specific like I’ve built … or I’ve worked on … systems.
  • Don’t say powerful environment. Be more specific, which environment?
  • Proofread your description. For example, you should know how to spell Excel. You’re a developer so you should pay attention to details.
  • Your entire description is too generic and doesn’t really bring out the value of your service. Buyers aren’t looking for a software developer, they are looking for a solution to their problem. What is the solution that you can provide? What kind of value does your service add to your client’s business?
    Transforming “manual work into a desktop app” is not detailed enough.

For example, a client needs to convert a bunch of basketball trounament data (scores, teams and whatnot) into digital format for sharing.
The problem is that they don’t have the necessary skills nor time to do it using Excel.
The solution is a desktop app where a user needs to enter data into specific field and the output will be a nice graph of some sort. The value of your service is that they don’t need skills to enter data into a field, it takes less time and the output will be a nicely design graph that everyone understands.

Turn this into a nice description :wink: Don’t focus on basketball, you can do a gig for any tournament data entry. Add screenshots and focus on the value.


Thank you so much for your excellent suggestions.
I will try to be more specific and correct all what you mentionned above.